Journalistic culture in different media systems

Journalistic culture in different media systems

Significant changes that occur in the contemporary social, political and media structures create real opportunities for renewing the traditional concepts of media systems as well as journalistic culture. Hence, as a part of the empirical workshop organised by the MediaAcT consortium, the Department of Communication and Journalism - Institute of Political Science at the University of Wroclaw invites to the international conference examining the development of journalistic culture in an era of market competition.

The conference “Journalistic culture in different media systems in the theoretical perspective and practice” will take place at the Main Building (Gmach Glówny) of the University of Wroclaw, Oratorium Marianum, pl. Uniwersytecki 1, Wroclaw on 23 February 2011, 3.00-7.00 p.m.

The event is in English. It is free of charge and open to the public. For further information see the conference poster!

About MediaAcT

MediaAcT is a comparative research project on media accountability systems in EU member states as indicators for media pluralism in Europe.


Funded by the EC

Project funded under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanties


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