Austria is lacking efficient media accountability instruments. The Austrian Press Council was annulled in 2002 and started again only in 2010; existing codes of ethics need updating and are not well known by journalists; neither is there self or co-regulation for private and public broadcasting, which state authorities regulate, nor for commercial online media. Media journalism and media criticism in newspapers, TV or radio are scarce and there are hardly any internal initiatives of self-regulation within news organizations. Several initiatives concerned with improving the quality of journalism can be found offline and online, but they do not reach large audiences.

For more details see Matthias Karmasin / Daniela Kraus / Andy Kaltenbrunner / Klaus Bichler (2011): Austria: A Border-Crosser In: Tobias Eberwein / Susanne Fengler / Epp Lauk / Tanja Leppik-Bork (eds.): Mapping Media Accountability – in Europe and Beyond. Cologne: Herbert von Halem Verlag, pp. 22-35.

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