Media accountability is a culturally accepted norm in Finland. As a token of this, media accountability’s key instruments, the Guidelines for Journalists and the Council for Mass Media, constitute a common reference point for journalists, policy-makers and citizens as they evaluate the ethics of journalism or the quality of news. On the other hand, media accountability practices are not immune to changes in media environment, for instance, the assumed effects of commercialization of news, uncertainty over the future of journalism and the development of user cultures on the Internet.

While changes are likely to happen, it is not quite clear what directions these changes will take. The most tangible new development noted in this report is the ›light mobilization‹ of users through social networking sites and online discussion boards.

For more details see Heikki Heikkilä / Timo Kylmälä (2011): Finland: Direction of Change still Pending. In: Tobias Eberwein / Susanne Fengler / Epp Lauk / Tanja Leppik-Bork (eds.): Mapping Media Accountability – in Europe and Beyond. Cologne: Herbert von Halem Verlag, pp. 50-62.

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