This article follows the rapid professionalization Romanian journalists, their sources and their publics have undergone, 20 years after the fall of Communism. The authors identify the level of independence of media outlets from political and economic interests and the level of media accountability, based on a description of the national instruments intended to ensure the social responsibility of journalists. The professionalization processes are not complete. Traditional instruments of media accountability, like codes of ethics and press councils, are not functional. Nevertheless, digitalization is becoming an important factor in the professionalization processes, as members of the public and journalists interact and discuss openly journalists’ mistakes and the economics of the media industry.

For more details see Mihai Coman / Raluca Radu / Manuela Preoteasa / Mihaela Paun / Horea Badau (2011): Romania: Twenty Years of Professionalization in Journalism – still Counting. In: Tobias Eberwein / Susanne Fengler / Epp Lauk / Tanja Leppik-Bork (eds.): Mapping Media Accountability – in Europe and Beyond. Cologne: Herbert von Halem Verlag, pp. 142-154.

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