Research on Jordan

As coordinator, the Erich Brost Institute is also responsible for the MediaAcT project’s research on Jordan. Parallel to the research in all other participating countries, Jordan will be analysed as a second Arab country in the research sample. For the Erich Brost Institute, Judith Pies M.A., prepares, manages and oversees all research related to Jordan. She will be joined by Philip Odeh Madanat M.A., researcher from Amman/Jordan, who will conduct the interviews with Arab media experts as well as the survey of journalists and media managers in Jordan.

Short profile of the staff members

Judith Pies M.A., is responsible for the MediaAcT research in Jordan. She has been a lecturer and research assistant at the Institute for Journalism and the EBI since 2008 and provides scientific guidance for several German-Arab journalism training projects. As a PhD candidate at the University of Erfurt and research assistant at the University of Mainz she did research in several Middle Eastern countries. Her PhD topic is the changing norms of journalism in Jordan and her publications center on journalism in the Arab world. She holds a MA in communication science, political science and Semitic languages from the University of Mainz.

Philip Madanat will support the research on Jordan. He is Jordanian and received his education in administrative sciences, economics, languages and sociology of media in Jordan, the West Bank, Japan and Spain. He's been working in media development (especially new media) since 1999. He is currently engaged in a doctorate thesis on 'the role of mosques in shaping public opinion in Jordan', and his Master thesis was centered around 'the impact of community radio on social and political life in Jordan'.

About MediaAcT

MediaAcT is a comparative research project on media accountability systems in EU member states as indicators for media pluralism in Europe.


Funded by the EC

Project funded under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanties


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