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Abu Arqoub, Mohammad The attitudes of Jordanian journalists towards the code of ethics. Unpublished MA thesis [in Arabic] 2010
Accardo, Alain (ed.) Journalistes au quotidien. Outils pour une socio-analyse des pratiques journalistiques [Journalists at work: tools for a socio-analysis of the journalistic practices] 1995
Accardo, Alain (ed.) Journalistes précaires [Precarious journalists] 1998
Adamczyk, W. Informacja a prawda w dziennikarstwie śledczym [Information and truth in investigative journalism] 2004
Al Quds Center for Political Studies, Al Quds Center Impact of soft containment on freedom of journalism and independence of the media in Jordan 2009
Al-Nimri, Jamal Media ethics and freedom of the press 1995
Alexander, Jeffrey C. The mass news media in systemic, historical and comparative perspective 1981
Alho, Arja Silent democracy, noisy media. PhD thesis 2004
Alsius, Salvador (ed.) The ethical values of journalists: field research among media professionals in Catalonia 2010
Anger, Heike Der europäische I-Faktor: Qualitätssicherung im Journalismus auf europäischer Ebene. Eine Infrastrukturanalyse [The European I factor: quality management in journalism on the European level. An infrastructural analysis]. PhD thesis 2010
Appelqvist-Schmidlechner, Kaija Selbstkontrolle der Medien im Prozess der Qualitätssicherung [Media self-regulation and the process of quality management] 2001
Arant, M. David/Anderson, Janna Quitney Newspaper online editors support traditional standards 2001
Armborst, Matthias Kopfjäger im Internet oder publizistische Avantgarde? Was Journalisten über Weblogs und ihre Macher wissen sollten [Headhunter online or publicistic avant-garde? What journalists need to know about weblogs and their writers] 2006
Arolainen, Teuvo Turvallisuutta, draamaa ja uutiskilpailua [Security, drama and competition with news] 2001
Atton, Chris The reassessment of the alternative press 1999
Avenarius, Horst/Bentele, Günter (ed.) Selbstkontrolle im Berufsfeld Public Relations. Reflexionen und Dokumentation [Self-control in the vocational field of public relations: reflections and documentation] 2009
Averbeck-Lietz, Stefanie/Piskol, Gerhard Frankreich [France] 2010
Ayish, Mohammad/Sadig, Haydar Badawi The Arab-Islamic heritage in communication ethics 1997
Baisnée, Olivier La production de l’actualité communautaire. Eléments d’une sociologie comparée du corps de presse accrédité auprès de l’Union européenne [The production of European news: a comparative sociology of the accredited Press Corps of the Europea... 2003
Baisnée, Olivier/Marchetti, Dominique L’économie de l’information en continu. A propos des conditions de production dans les chaînes d’information en général et à Euronews en particulier [The economy of just-in-time television newscasting: journalistic production and professiona... 2002
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