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Feintuck, M. 'The public interest' in regulation 2004
Debatin, Bernhard (Medienethik als Steuerungsinstrument?) Zum Verhältnis von individueller und korporativer Verantwortung in der Massenkommunikation [(Media ethics as a regulatory instrument?) On the relationship of individual and corporative responsibility in mass com... 2004
Ruß-Mohl, Stephan (Selbst-)Steuerung des Mediensystems durch Medienjournalismus und Medien-PR [(Self-)Governance of the media system through media journalism and media PR] 1999
Rühl, Manfred/Saxer, Ulrich 25 Jahre Deutscher Presserat. Ein Anlaß für Überlegungen zu einer kommunikationswissenschaftlich fundierten Ethik des Journalismus und der Massenkommunikation [25 years of German Press Council: a reason for contemplations on an ethic of journalism a... 1981
Siekmeier, Friedrich 40 Jahre Deutscher Presserat. Eine kritische Bilanz. Aus dem Innenleben einer überschätzten Institution [40 years of German Press Council: a critical conclusion. From the inner life of an overrated institution] 1996
Miller, D./Dinan, W. A century of spin: how public relations became the cutting edge of corporate power 2008
Boyfield, Keith A leaner and meaner Ofcom 2002
Petley, Julian A lethal cocktail 2003
Runcan, Miruna A patra putere: legislaţie şi etică pentru jurnalişti [The fourth estate: legislation and ethics for journalists] 2002
Shannon, R. A press free and responsible: self-regulation and the Press Complaints Commission 1991-2001 2001
Lasica, J. D. A scorecard for net news ethics 2002
Niczyperowicz, A. Abecadło dziennikarz [Alphabet of journalism] 1996
Balčytiene, Aukse About comparisons within the media 2005
Heikkilä, Heikki/Kunelius, Risto Access, dialogue, deliberation: experimenting with three concepts of journalism criticism 1998
Pimlott, Ben Accountability and the media: a tale of two cultures 2004
Sawant, P. B. Accountability in journalism 2003
Røssland, L. A. Accountability systems and media ethics: landscapes and limits 2005
Boddewyn, J. J. Advertising self-regulation and outside participation: a multinational comparison 1988
Wirth, Werner/Kolb, Steffen Aequivalenz als Problem. Forschungsstrategien und Designs der komparativen Kommunikationswissenschaft [Equivalence as a problem: research strategies and designs of comparative communication studies] 2003
Pies, Judith Agents of change? Journalism ethics in Lebanese and Jordanian journalism education 2008
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