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Siebert, Fredrick S./Peterson, Theodore/Schramm, Wilbur Four theories of the press: the authoritarian, libertarian, social responsibility and Soviet Communist concepts of what the press should be and do 1956
Noltenius, Johanne Die Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft und das Zensurverbot des Grundgesetzes [The Voluntary Self-Control of the Cinematic Industry and the prohibition of censorship in the Basic Law] 1958
Dovifat, Emil The German Press Council: to guard the freedom of the press is its essence and purpose 1959
Dzięcielska-Machnikowska, Stefania Sytuacja społeczna dziennikarzy polskich [The social situation of Polish journalists] 1962
Kupis, T. Zawód dziennikarza w Polsce Ludowej [Profession of journalism in Communist Poland] 1966
Löffler, Martin Das Problem der Presse-Selbstkontrolle. Eine einführende Übersicht [The problem of press self-regulation: an introductory overview] 1968
Tunstall, Jeremy Journalists at work 1971
Paczkowski, Andrzej Czwarta władza. Prasa dawniej i dziś [Fourth power: the press in past and present] 1973
Frankenfeld, Alfred Der Deutsche Presserat 1956-1970. Ursprung, Funktion, Effizienz [The German Press Council 1956-1970: origin, function, efficiency] 1973
Brown, Lee The reluctant reformation: on criticizing the press in America 1974
Fischer, Heinz-Dietrich Die Presseräte der Welt. Struktur, Finanzbasis und Spruchpraxis von Medien-Selbstkontrolleinrichtungen im internationalen Vergleich [The press councils of the world: structure, financial basis and verdicts of institutions of media self-regulation in i... 1976
Boukraa, Ridha Humour et idéologie dans la presse d’avant l’indépendance: essai de sociologie culturelle [Humour and idelogy in the press before independence: a cultural sociology study] 1977
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Press councils: an evaluation 1977
Pisarek, W. Prasa - nasz chleb powszedni [Press - our common good] 1978
Schudson, Michael Discovering the news: a social history of American newspapers 1978
Gitlin, T. Media sociology: the dominant paradigm 1978
Hohenberg, John The professional journalist: a guide to the practice and principles of the news media (4th edition) 1978
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Press councils around the world: unraveling a definitional dilemma 1978
Hardt, Hanno Social theories of the press: early German and American perspectives 1979
Völkl, C. Ombudsmann an Tageszeitungen [Ombudsman at daily newspapers] 1980
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