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Bajka, Z. Dziennikarze lat dziewięćdziesiątych [Journalists in the 90s] 2000
Bajomi-Lazar, Peter/Danov, Danail/Kashumov, Aleksander/Zlatev, Ognian (ed.) Media self-regulation practices and decriminalization of defamation in the countries of South East Europe 2006
Balbastre, Gilles Une information précaire [Precarious news] 2000
Balčytiene, Aukse About comparisons within the media 2005
Balčytiene, Aukse Types of state interventions in the media systems in the Baltic States and Norway 2005
Balčytiene, Aukse Media modernization and journalism cultures in the Baltic States and Norway 2005
Balčytiene, Aukse/Harro-Loit, Halliki Between reality and illusion: re-examining the diversity of media and online professional journalism in the Baltic States 2009
Balčytiene, Aukse/Harro-Loit, Halliki Preserving journalism 2010
Balčytiene, Aukse/Lauk, Epp Media transformations: the post-transition lessons in Lithuania and Estonia 2005
Baldi, Paolo Media accountability in Europe: a fragmented picture 2007
Baldi, Paolo (ed.) Broadcasting and citizens: viewers' participation and media accountability in Europe 2005
Baldi, Paolo/Hasebrink, Uwe Introduction: overview of a European study 2007
Baldi, Paolo/Hasebrink, Uwe (ed.) Broadcasters and citizens in Europe: trends in media accountability and viewer participation 2007
Balgos, Cecile C. A. Watching the watchdog: media self-regulation in South East Asia 2002
Balistreri, M./Pollo, S. (ed.) Bioetica e mass media. Le questioni della privacy e della buona informazione [Bioethics and mass media: issues on privacy and good information] 2004
Bardoel, Jo Open media - open society: rise and fall of the Dutch broadcast model: a case study 2001
Bardoel, Jo Toekomst voor de Journalistiek [Future of journalism] 2010
Bardoel, Jo Macht zonder verantwoordelijkheid? Media, mediabeleid en de kwaliteit van de openbare informatievoorziening [Power without responsibility? Media, media strategy and quality of public information facilities] 2003
Bardoel, Jo/d’Haenens, Leen Media meet the citizen: beyond market mechanisms and government regulations 2004
Bauer, Z. Dziennikarstwo wobec nowych mediów [Journalism and new media] 2009
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