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Estienne, Yannick Le journalisme après Internet [Journalism after Internet] 2007
Ettema, James S. New media and new mechanisms of public accountability 2009
Ettema, James S. Journalism as reason-giving: deliberative democracy, institutional accountability, and the news media's mission 2007
Ettema, James S./Glasser, Theodore L. Public accountability or public relations? Newspaper ombudsmen define their role 1997
EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, EUMAP Television across Europe: regulation, policy and independence 2005
European Federation of Journalists, IFJ Media power in Europe: the big picture of ownership 2005
Evers, Huub Online-Journalismus braucht neue moralische Normen [Online journalism needs new ethical norms] 2009
Evers, Huub New moral dilemmas in online journalism 2001
Evers, Huub Niederlande [Netherlands] 2010
Evers, Huub Journalistiek en ethiek [Journalism and ethics] 1987
Evers, Huub Pleidooi voor transparantere journalistiek [Plea for a more transparent journalism] 1997
Evers, Huub Codes of ethics 2000
Evers, Huub Media-ethiek [Media ethics] 2007
Evers, Huub Van Fatwa tot Madonna. Twintig jaar uitingsvrijheid onder spanning [From Fatwa to Madonna: twenty years’ freedom of speech under tension] 2007
Evers, Huub Der Ombudsmann im niederländischen Selbstkontrollsystem [The ombudsman in the Dutch system of self-regulation] 2010
Evers, Huub/Groenhart, Harmen/Groesen, Jan van (ed.) The newsombudsman: watchdog or decoy? 2010
Fabris, Hans Heinz Die Wiederentdeckung journalistischer Qualität [Rediscovering journalistic quality] 2001
Fabris, Hans Heinz Hoher Standard. Qualität und Qualitätssicherung im Journalismus [High standard: quality and quality management in journalism] 2001
Farge, Arlette Dire et mal dire l’opinion publique au XVIIIème siècle [Journalism and public opinion in the 18th century] 1992
Feintuck, M. The Holy Grail or just another empty vessel? 'The public interest' in regulation 2005
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