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Feintuck, M. 'The public interest' in regulation 2004
Feintuck, M. Walking the high-wire: the UK's draft Communications Bill 2003
Feintuck, M./Varney, M. Media regulation, public interest and the law (2nd edition) 2006
Fengler, Susanne Medienjournalismus in den USA [Media journalism in the USA] 2002
Fengler, Susanne Media journalism and the power of blogging citizens 2008
Fengler, Susanne Holding the news media accountable: a study of media reporters and media critics in the United States 2003
Fengler, Susanne Vorbildliche Medienkritik - oder "media gossip"? Medienjournalismus in den USA [Exemplary media criticism - or "media gossip"? Media journalism in the USA] 2005
Fengler, Susanne Medienkritik - feuilletonistische Textsorte oder Strategie zur Qualitätssicherung? [Media criticism - feuilletonistic genre or strategy for quality management?] 2003
Fengler, Susanne Media WWWatchdogs? Die Rolle von Blogs für die Medienkritik in den USA [Media WWWatchdogs? The role of blogs in US media criticism] 2008
Fengler, Susanne/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan Journalists and the information-attention markets: towards an economic theory of journalism 2008
Fengler, Susanne/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan Der Journalist als Homo oeconomicus [The journalist as homo oeconomicus] 2005
Fengler, Susanne/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan The three paradoxes of media journalism 2006
Ferenczi, Thomas L'invention du journalisme en France [The invention of journalism in France] 1993
Ferjani, Riadh Du Rôle de l’Etat dans le Champ Televisuel en Tunisie: Les paradoxes de l’internationalisation [On the role of the state in the field of television in Tunisia: the paradoxes of internationalization] 2003
Ferjani, Riadh Internationalisations du champ télévisuel en Tunisie [Internationalizations of the television field in Tunisia] 2002
Ferjani, Riadh La télévision en Tunisie: entre rationalité économique et logiques sociales [Tunisian television: from economic rationality to social logics] 2009
Fidalgo, Joaquim Press councils in Portugal and France: something new on the Western front 2009
Filipović, Alexander Niklas Luhmann ernst nehmen? (Un-)Möglichkeiten einer ironischen Ethik öffentlicher Kommunikation [Taking Niklas Luhmann seriously? (Im-)Possibilities of an ironic ethic of public communication] 2003
Fischer, Heinz-Dietrich Die Presseräte der Welt. Struktur, Finanzbasis und Spruchpraxis von Medien-Selbstkontrolleinrichtungen im internationalen Vergleich [The press councils of the world: structure, financial basis and verdicts of institutions of media self-regulation in i... 1976
Fischer, Ingo Eher unbekannt als anerkannt [Rather unknown than accepted: empirical study on the influence of the German Press Council] 2008
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