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Gerstlé, Jacques/Davis, Dennis K./Duhamel, Olivier Television news and the construction of political reality in France and the United States 1991
Gibbons, Thomas Communications regulation 2008
Gibbons, Thomas Digital television and radio regulation 2008
Gibbons, Thomas Press Complaints Commission 2008
Gibbons, Thomas Programme standards and complaints 2008
Gibbons, Thomas Competition policy and regulatory style: issues for Ofcom 2005
Gibbons, Thomas Concentrations of ownership and control in a converging media industry 1999
Gibbons, Thomas Pluralism, guidance and the new media 2000
Gibbons, Thomas Regulating the media (2nd edition) 1998
Gibbons, Thomas The impact of regulatory competition on measures to promote pluralism and cultural diversity in the audiovisual sector 2007
Gillmor, Dan We the media: grassroots journalism by the people, for the people 2004
Gitlin, T. Media sociology: the dominant paradigm 1978
Glasser, Theodore L. (ed.) The idea of public journalism 1999
Goban-Klas, T. Media i komunikowanie masowe [Media and mass communication] 1999
Goebel, Bettina Selbstkontrolle im Internet. Die Regulierung von Internet-Inhalten durch Filter- und Rating-Systeme, mit Fokus auf ein Konzept der Bertelsmann-Stiftung [Self-control online: the regulation of Internet content with filter and rating systems, with a focu... 2001
Goldacre, B. Bad science 2008
Goode, L. Social news, citizen journalism and democracy 2009
Gordon, A. David/Kittross, John Michael Controversies in media ethics (2nd edition) 1999
Gottberg, Joachim von Selbstkontrolle in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen [Self-control in the Federal Republic of Germany: Voluntary Self-Regulation of German Television] 1996
Gottberg, Joachim von Stiftung Medientest. Ist Fernsehqualität meßbar? [Stiftung Medientest: is TV quality measurable?] 1996
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