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Bauer, Z./Chudziński, E. Dziennikarstwo i świat mediów [Journalism and the media world] 2000
Baum, Achim Pressefreiheit durch Selbstkontrolle [Press freedom through self-control] 2006
Baum, Achim/Langenbucher, Wolfgang R./Pöttker, Horst/Schicha, Christian (ed.) Handbuch Medienselbstkontrolle [Handbook media self-regulation] 2005
Baumgartner, Sabrina/Donges, Patrick Government communication and systems of government in the Swiss cantons 2010
Baydar, Yavuz The wisdom of ombudsmanship: how public editors improve Turkish journalism 2007
Bærug, Richard Hidden advertising and TV journalism in the Baltic States and Norway 2005
Beales, Ian The editors’ codebook: the handbook to the editors’ code of practice. Revised second edition 2009
Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für Angelegenheiten der Kultur und der Medien, BKM Selbstkontrolle im Medienbereich in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Media self-control in the Federal Republic of Germany] 2000
Beck, Klaus Neue Medien - alte Probleme? Blogs aus medien- und kommunikationsethischer Sicht [New media - old problems? Blogs from the perspective of media and communication ethics] 2008
Bellino, F. Per un’etica della comunicazione [Communication ethics] 2010
Bendyk, Edwin Dziennikarz w postmodernistycznym świecie mediów [Journalists in the post-modernist world] 2000
Bennett, William Lance An introduction to journalism norms and representations of politics 1996
Bennett, William Lance New media power: the Internet and global activism 2003
Benson, Rodney Shaping the public sphere: journalistic fields and immigration public debates in France and the United States (1973-1994). PhD thesis 2000
Benson, Rodney/Neveu, Erik Bourdieu and the journalistic field 2005
Benvegnu, Nicolas Le débat public en ligne. Comment s’équipe la démocratie dialogique? [The online public space: what is a dialogical democracy?] 2006
Bereś, W./Skoczylas, J. Dziennikarz doskonały [Prefect journalist] 2000
Berkman, R. I./Shumway, C. A. Digital dilemmas: ethical issues for online media professionals 2003
Bermes, Jürgen Der Streit um die Presseselbstkontrolle. Der Deutsche Presserat [The conflict about press self-control: the German Press Council] 1991
Bernthaler, Peter Entstehung des Österreichischen Presserates [The development of the Austrian Press Council] 2001
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