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Bras, Jean-Philippe Ordre public, politiques publiques et Internet en Tunisie [Public order, public policies and Internet in Tunisia] 2003
Braun, J. Potęga czwartej władzy [Force of the fourth power] 2005
Breit, Rhonda Journalistic self-regulation in Australia: is it ready for the information society? 2008
Bröhmer, Jürgen/Ukrow, Jörg Die Selbstkontrolle im Medienbereich in Europa. Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung [Media self-control in Europe: a comparative law analysis] 2000
Brosda, Carsten/Schicha, Christian Medienethik im Spannungsfeld zwischen Theorie und Praxisnormen - Eine Einführung [Media ethics in the area of conflict between theory and practical norms - an introduction] 2000
Brosius, Hans-Bernd/Rössler, Patrick/Schulte zur Hausen, Claudia Zur Qualität der Medienkontrolle. Ergebnisse einer Befragung deutscher Rundfunk- und Medienräte [On the quality of media control: results from a survey of German broadcasting and media councils] 2000
Brown, Lee The reluctant reformation: on criticizing the press in America 1974
Brusini, Hervé/James, Francis Voir la vérité. Le journalisme de télévision [Watch the truth: TV journalism] 1982
Buchanan, Sara/Hammerer, Luitgard/Money-Kyrle, Oliver (ed.) Freedom and accountability: safeguarding free expression through media self-regulation 2005
Bundschuh, Anja Fernsehen und Jugendschutz in Europa. Eine Politikfeldanalyse zum Verhältnis von staatlicher Regulierung und Selbstkontrolle [Television and protection of minors in Europe: an analysis of the political field on the relationship between state regulatio... 1999
Burgt, Christel van de/Schönbach, Klaus/Wurff, Richard van der Journalism ethics in perspective: desirability and feasibility of a separate code of conduct for online journalism 2008
Buscombe, Peta Freedom of speech is non-negotiable 2010
Cammaerts, Bart Critiques on the participatory potentials of web 2.0 2008
Cardon, Dominique/Granjon, Fabien Médias alternatifs et radicalisation de la critique [Alternative media and radicalized criticism] 2006
Carton, Daniel Bien entendu, c’est off. Ce que les journalistes politiques ne racontent jamais [Of course, it’s off the record: what political journalists never tell] 2003
Cătineanu, Tudor Deontologia mass-media [Media Ethics] 2008
Cayrol, Roland Médias et démocratie: la dérive [Media and democracy: a wipeout] 1997
Centre for Defending the Freedom of Journalists, CDFJ (ed.) Irrefutable argument: a study of Jordanian judiciary system trends in dealing with press publications cases 2000-2006 [in Arabic] 2008
Chalaby, Jean K. The invention of journalism 1998
Champagne, Patrick La construction des malaises sociaux [The construction of social issues] 1991
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