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Charon, Jean-Marie Carte de presse [Press card] 1993
Charon, Jean-Marie Journalisme et sciences sociales. Proximités et malentendus [Journalism and social sciences: closeness and misunderstandings] 1996
Charon, Jean-Marie Du côté des syndicats et des écoles de journalisme [About trade unions and journalism training] 2006
Choi, Kyung-Jin Medien-Selbstberichterstattung als Medienjournalismus. Selbstreferentielle Themen der Medienseiten in überregionalen Tages- und Wochenzeitungen [Self-coverage of the media as media journalism: self-referential topics on the media pages in national dai... 1999
Chouikha, Larbi et al. tat de la liberté de la presse en Tunisie [Mapping press freedom in Tunisia] 1992
Christians, Clifford G./Glasser, Theodore L./McQuail, Denis/Nordenstreng, Kaarle/White, Robert A. Normative theories of the media: journalism in democratic societies 2009
Christians, Clifford G./Nordenstreng, Kaarle Social responsibility worldwide 2004
Christians, Clifford G./Traber, Michael (ed.) Communication ethics and universal values 1997
Chupin, Ivan Les écoles du journalisme. Les enjeux de scolarisation d’une profession (1899-2008) [Journalism training: education stakes of a profession (1899-2008)]. PhD thesis 2008
Chupin, Ivan/Nollet, Jérémie (ed.) Journalisme et dépendances [Journalism and boundaries] 2006
Cisak, W. Media i dziennikarstwo na przełomie stuleci [Media and journalism between centuries] 2004
Coliver, Sandra The Article 19 freedom of expression handbook 1993
Collins, Richard Converging Media? Converging Regulation? 1996
Collins, Richard Changing conceptions in the sociology of the professions 1990
Collovald, Annie Le bêbête show: idéologie journalistique et illusion critique [The Mumuppet show: journalistic ideology and illusion of critical sense] 1992
Collovald, Annie/Neveu, Érik Les guignols de l’info ou la caricature en abîme ["The muppets of news" or the affirmation of broadcasting caricature] 1996
Coman, Mihai Mass media în România post-comunistă [Mass media in the post-Communist Romania] 2003
Coman, Mihai/Gross, Peter Media and journalism in Romania 2006
Coman, Mihai/Păun, Mihaela (ed.) Mass media, politic şi divertisment: receptarea domestică a mesajelor presei [Media, politics and entertainment: the reception, at home, of media messages] 2008
Cookson, Rich/Jempson, Mike (ed.) Satisfaction guaranteed? Press complaints procedures under scrutiny 2004
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