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Cooper, Thomas W. (ed.) Communication ethics and global change 1989
Cooper, Thomas W./Christians, Clifford G./Babbili, Anantha S. An ethics trajectory: visions of media past, present, and yet to come 2008
Cooper, Tom Comparative international media ethics 1990
Cotte, Dominique De la Une à l'écran: avatars du texte journalistique [From the front page to the screen: avatars of the journalistic text] 2001
Curran, James/Seaton, Jean Power without responsibility: the press, broadcasting, and new media in Britain 2003
Curry, Jane Leftwich Poland’s journalists: professionalism and politics 1990
Czepek, Andrea/Hellwig, Melanie/Nowak, Eva (ed.) Press freedom and pluralism in Europe: concepts and conditions 2009
Czyżewski, Marek Rola dziennikarza w dyskursie politycznym [The role of the journalist in public discourse] 2000
d'Haenens, Leen Media governance: new ways to regulate the media 2007
d'Haenens, Leen/Marcinkowski, Frank/Donk, André/Maniglio, Tanja/Trappel, Josef et al. The media for democracy monitor applied to five countries: a selection of indicators and their measurement 2009
Dabashi, Hamid Quis custodiet ipsos custodes: who watches the watchers? 2008
Damian-Gaillard, Béatrice/Rebillard, Franck/Smyrnaios, Nikos La production de l’information Web: quelles alternatives. Une comparaison entre médias traditionnels et pure-players de l’internet [The production of online news: a comparative approach of traditional media and pure-players] 2009
Damian, Béatrice (ed.) Inform@tion.local. Le paysage médiatique régional à l’ère électronique [Local.inform@tion: local media landscape and digital era] 2002
Damian, Béatrice/Pélissier, Nicolas/Ruellan, Denis et al. L'information en-ligne: un nouveau paradigme pour le journalisme? [The online information: a new paradigm for journalism?] 2003
Darnton, Robert Bohème littéraire et révolution. Le monde des livres au XVIIIème siècle [Bohemian literature and revolution in the 18th century] 1983
Darras, Eric L’institution d’une tribune politique: genèse et usages du magazine politique de télévision [The institutionalization of a political box: genesis and uses of the political TV magazine]. PhD thesis 1998
Darras, Eric Le pouvoir médiacratique? [Mediatic power?] 1995
Davies, Nick Flat earth news: an award-winning reporter exposes falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media 2008
De Rosnay, Joel La révolte du pronétariat. Des mass média aux média des masses [The rebellion of underclass media] 2006
Debatin, Bernhard New media ethics 2010
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