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Debatin, Bernhard Ethik des Onlinejournalismus - medienethische Kriterien und Perspektiven [Ethics of online journalism - media ethical criteria and perspectives] 2004
Debatin, Bernhard (Medienethik als Steuerungsinstrument?) Zum Verhältnis von individueller und korporativer Verantwortung in der Massenkommunikation [(Media ethics as a regulatory instrument?) On the relationship of individual and corporative responsibility in mass com... 2004
Debatin, Bernhard Ethik und Internet. Zur normativen Problematik von Online-Kommunikation [Ethics and Internet: on the normative problems of online communication] 1999
Debatin, Bernhard/Funiok, Rüdiger Begründungen und Argumentationen der Medienethik - ein Überblick [Substantiations and argumentations of media ethics - an overview] 2003
Debatin, Bernhard/Funiok, Rüdiger (ed.) Kommunikations- und Medienethik [Communication and media ethics] 2003
Delporte, Christian Les journalistes en France 1880-1950. Naissance et construction d’une profession [French journalists 1880-1950: construction of a profession] 1999
Demers, François Destructuration et restructuration du journalisme [Deconstruction and reconstruction of journalism] 2007
Dennis, Everette E./Gillmor, Donald M./Glasser, Theodore Lewis (ed.) Media freedom and accountability 1989
Deuze, Mark The web and its journalisms: considering the consequences of different types of newsmedia online 2003
Deuze, Mark Journalists in the Netherlands 2002
Deuze, Mark/Dalen, Arjen van Readers' advocates or newspapers' ambassadors? Newspaper ombudsmen in the Netherlands 2006
Deuze, Mark/Yeshua, Daphna Online journalists face new ethical dilemmas: lessons from the Netherlands 2001
Dewall, Gustaf von Press ethics: regulation and editorial practice 1997
Dietrich, Nicole Der Deutsche Presserat. Eine Untersuchung aus rechtlicher Sicht [The German Press Council: an analysis from the legal perspective] 2002
Dimants, Ainārs Editorial censorship in the Baltic and Norwegian newspapers 2005
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Glowacki, M. (ed.) Comparing media systems in Central Europe: between commercialization and politicization 2008
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Glowacki, M./Jakubowicz, K./Sükösd, M. (ed.) Comparative media systems: European and global perspectives 2010
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Majdecka, K. (ed.) Studia empiryczne nad komunikowaniem politycznym w Polsce [Empirical studies in political communication in Poland] 2010
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa Transformacja systemów medialnych w krajach Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej po 1989 roku [Transformation of media systems in Central-Eastern Europe after 1989] 2002
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa Media masowe i aktorzy polityczni w świetle studiów nad komunikowaniem politycznym [Political actors and mass media in political communication studies] 2004
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