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Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa Porozumienie czy konflikt. Politycy, media i obywatele w komunikowaniu politycznycm [Agreement or conflict: politicians, media and citizens in political communication] 2009
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa System partyjny a media w Polsce [Party system and media in Poland] 2010
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa (ed.) Media masowe w demokratyzujących się systemach politycznych. W drodze do wolności słowa i mediów [Mass media in democratizing political systems: towards freedom of media] 2006
Domingo, David/Heinonen, Ari Weblogs and journalism: a typology to explore the blurring boundaries 2008
Dommering, Egbert et al. Klachten over Mediapublicaties. Een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van eenvoudig toegankelijke niet rechterlijke procedures [Complaints on media publications: an inquiry into the possibilities of easily accessible non-judicial procedures] 2007
Donges, Patrick Publizistische und wirtschaftliche Probleme der Rundfunkfinanzierung [Media and economic problems of the financing of broadcasting] 2002
Donges, Patrick (ed.) Von der Medienpolitik zur Media Governance? [From Media Policy to Media Governance?] 2007
Donges, Patrick/Jarren, Otfried/Schatz, Heribert (ed.) Globalisierung der Medien? Medienpolitik in der Informationsgesellschaft [Globalization of the media? Media policy in the information society] 1999
Donsbach, Wolfgang The global journalists: are professional structures being flattened? 2010
Doomen, Jeanne Opinies over journalistiek gedrag. De uitspraken van de Raad voor de Journalistiek 1960-1987 [Opinions on journalists’ behavior: the verdicts of the Press Council 1960-1987] 1987
Dovifat, Emil The German Press Council: to guard the freedom of the press is its essence and purpose 1959
Downing, John Radical media: rebellious communication and social movements 2001
Doyle, G. Structure and development of media ownership in Europe 2006
Doyle, G. Media ownership: the economics and politics of convergence and concentration in the UK and European media 2002
Doyle, G./Vick, D. W. The Communications Act 2003: a new regulatory framework in the UK 2005
Drägert, Christian/Schneider, Nikolaus (ed.) Medienethik. Freiheit und Verantwortung [Media ethics: freedom and responsibility] 2001
Drezner, David/Farrell, Henry The power and politics of blogs 2004
Duplat, Domitille Freedom of the press: responsibility of the media. Africa on the way to self-regulation 2003
Dutton, William H. The fifth estate emerging through the network of networks 2009
Duve, Freimut/Haller, Michael (ed.) Leitbild Unabhängigkeit. Zur Sicherung publizistischer Verantwortung [Model of autonomy: assuring journalistic responsibility] 2004
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