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Schulz, Wolfgang/Held, Thorsten Regulierte Selbstregulierung als Form modernen Regierens [Regulated self-regulation as a form of modern government] 2002
Saurwein, Florian/Latzer, Michael Regulatory choice in communications: the case of content-rating schemes in the audiovisual industry 2010
Vogt, Achim Regulation and self-regulation: the role of media commissions and professional bodies in the Muslim world 2003
O'Malley, T./Soley, C. Regulating the press 2000
Gibbons, Thomas Regulating the media (2nd edition) 1998
Ruß-Mohl, Stephan Regulating self-regulation: the neglected case of journalism policies 1993
Hoffmann-Riem, Wolfgang Regulating media: the licensing and supervision of broadcasting in six countries 1996
Harcourt, Alison Regulating for media concentration: the emerging policy of the European Union 1996
Boyfield, Keith Regulating communications: the future of UK communications and broadcasting 2006
Wheeler, Mark Regulating communications in the UK: a new future 2001
Schulz, Wolfgang/Held, Thorsten Regulated self-regulation as a form of modern government: an analysis of case studies from media and telecommunications law 2004
Lauk, Epp Reflections on changing patterns of journalism in the new EU countries 2009
Rüdiger, Konrad/Welker, Martin Redaktionsblogs deutscher Zeitungen. Über die Schwierigkeiten diese inhaltsanalytisch zu untersuchen - ein Werkstattbericht [Editorial weblogs of German newspapers: on the difficulties of analyzing their content - a work-in-progress report] 2010
Wyss, Vinzenz Redaktionelles Qualitätsmanagement. Ziele, Normen, Ressourcen [Quality management in the newsroom: aims, norms, resources] 2002
Lauk, Epp/Høyer, Svennik Recreating journalism after censorship: generational shifts and professional ambiguities among journalists after changes in the political systems 2008
Ladeur, Karl-Heinz Rechtliche Möglichkeiten der Qualitätssicherung im Journalismus [Legal possibilities of quality management in journalism] 2000
Wieten, Jan Reality television and social responsibility theory 1998
Deuze, Mark/Dalen, Arjen van Readers' advocates or newspapers' ambassadors? Newspaper ombudsmen in the Netherlands 2006
Hartung, Barbara/JaCoby, Alfred/Dozier, David Reader's perceptions of purpose of newspaper ombudsman program 1988
Eberwein, Tobias Raus aus der Selbstbeobachtungsfalle! Zum medienkritischen Potenzial der Blogosphäre [Out from the trap of self-observation! On the media-critical potential of the blogosphere] 2008
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