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Heinonen, Ari Vahtikoiran omatunto: journalismin itsesääntely ja toimittajat [Watchdog's conscience: self-regulation and journalists] 1995
Raittila, Pentti Uutinen Estonia: Kriisiviestintä ja journalismin etiikka koetuksella [News of Estonia: crisis communication and ethics of journalism on trial] 2007
Balbastre, Gilles Une information précaire [Precarious news] 2000
Lemieux, Cyril Une critique sans raison? L’approche bourdieusienne des médias et ses limites [A groundless criticism: Bourdieu’s theory on media and its limits] 1999
Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin Understanding the conditions for public discourse: four rules for selecting letters to the editor 2002
Beuthner, Michael/Weichert, Stephan Alexander Und wer beobachtet die Medien? Über die Kritikfunktionen und blinden Flecken des Medienjournalismus [And who observes the media? On the critic functions and blind spots of media journalism] 2005
Balčytiene, Aukse Types of state interventions in the media systems in the Baltic States and Norway 2005
Arolainen, Teuvo Turvallisuutta, draamaa ja uutiskilpailua [Security, drama and competition with news] 2001
Mayes, I. Trust me: I'm an ombudsman 2004
Meier, Klaus Transparenz im Journalismus. Neue Herausforderungen im digitalen Zeitalter [Transparency in journalism: new challenges in the digital age] 2009
Raboy, Marc/Taras, David Transparency and accountability in Canadian media policy 2004
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa Transformacja systemów medialnych w krajach Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej po 1989 roku [Transformation of media systems in Central-Eastern Europe after 1989] 2002
Roß, Dieter Traditionen und Tendenzen der Medienkritik [Traditions and tendencies of media criticism] 1997
Jones, Nicholas Trading information: leaks, lies and tip-offs 2006
Bardoel, Jo Toekomst voor de Journalistiek [Future of journalism] 2010
White, Aidan To tell you the truth: the ethical journalism initiative 2008
Wasserman, Edward Threats to ethical journalism in the new media age 2010
Baydar, Yavuz The wisdom of ombudsmanship: how public editors improve Turkish journalism 2007
Deuze, Mark The web and its journalisms: considering the consequences of different types of newsmedia online 2003
Hafez, Kai The unknown desire for "objectivity": journalism ethics in Arab (and Western) journalism 2008
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