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Fengler, Susanne/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan The three paradoxes of media journalism 2006
Nordenstreng, Kaarle The structural context of media ethics: how media are regulated in democratic society 2000
Harcourt, Alison The state of media ownership in accession states 2003
Künzler, Matthias The state as a key success factor for self-regulation? Empirical evidence in brief 2007
McNair, Brian The sociology of journalism 1998
Singer, Jane B. The socially responsible existentialist 2006
Harcourt, Alison The role of the European institutions in national media regulation 2010
Brown, Lee The reluctant reformation: on criticizing the press in America 1974
Harcourt, Alison The regulation of media markets in selected EU accession states in Central and Eastern Europe 2003
Petley, Julian The regulation of media content 1999
Atton, Chris The reassessment of the alternative press 1999
Schudson, Michael The public journalism movement and its problems 1998
Lowe, Gregory Ferrell (ed.) The public in public service media 2010
Holznagel, Bernd/Jungfleisch, Christiane The protection of viewer rights in Europe 2007
Hohenberg, John The professional journalist: a guide to the practice and principles of the news media (4th edition) 1978
Drezner, David/Farrell, Henry The power and politics of blogs 2004
Tettey, Wisdom J. The politics of media accountability in Africa 2006
Høyer, Svennik/Lauk, Epp The paradoxes of the journalistic profession: an historical perspective 2003
Moore, M. The origins of modern spin 2006
Evers, Huub/Groenhart, Harmen/Groesen, Jan van (ed.) The newsombudsman: watchdog or decoy? 2010
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