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Starck, Kenneth The news ombudsman: viable or vanishing? 2010
Haraszti, Miklós (ed.) The media self-regulation guidebook: all questions and answers 2008
d'Haenens, Leen/Marcinkowski, Frank/Donk, André/Maniglio, Tanja/Trappel, Josef et al. The media for democracy monitor applied to five countries: a selection of indicators and their measurement 2009
Alexander, Jeffrey C. The mass news media in systemic, historical and comparative perspective 1981
Chalaby, Jean K. The invention of journalism 1998
Jouët, Jean The Internet as a new civic form: the hybridization of popular and civic web uses in France 2009
Gibbons, Thomas The impact of regulatory competition on measures to promote pluralism and cultural diversity in the audiovisual sector 2007
Pritchard, David The impact of newspaper ombudsmen on journalists' attitudes 1993
Storsul, T./Syvertsen, T. The impact of convergence on European television policy 2007
Glasser, Theodore L. (ed.) The idea of public journalism 1999
Feintuck, M. The Holy Grail or just another empty vessel? 'The public interest' in regulation 2005
Ruellan, Denis The haze professionalism 1993
Donsbach, Wolfgang The global journalists: are professional structures being flattened? 2010
Weaver, David H. (ed.) The global journalist: news people around the world 1998
Dovifat, Emil The German Press Council: to guard the freedom of the press is its essence and purpose 1959
Nafie, Ibrahim The future of journalistic self-regulation and journalism associations in Egypt and the Arab World 2003
Dutton, William H. The fifth estate emerging through the network of networks 2009
Harcourt, Alison The European Commission and regulation of the media industry 2003
Harcourt, Alison The European Commission and regulation of the media industry 1998
Puppis, Manuel/d’Haenens, Leen/Steinmaurer, Thomas/Künzler, Matthias The European and global dimension 2009
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