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Lees, Tim/Ralph, Sue/Langham Brown, Jo (ed.) Is regulation still an option in a digital universe? 1999
Heinonen, Ari Journalism in the age of the net: changing society, changing profession 1999
Petley, Julian The regulation of media content 1999
Pöttker, Horst Oeffentlichkeit als gesellschaftlicher Auftrag. Zum Verhältnis von Berufsethos und universeller Moral im Journalismus [Publicness as social contract: on the relationship between professional ethos and universal morality in journalism] 1999
Vowe, Gerhard Medienpolitik zwischen Freiheit, Gleichheit und Sicherheit [Media policy between freedom, equality and security] 1999
Atton, Chris The reassessment of the alternative press 1999
Jones, Nicholas Sultans of spin: the media and the new Labour government 1999
Choi, Kyung-Jin Medien-Selbstberichterstattung als Medienjournalismus. Selbstreferentielle Themen der Medienseiten in überregionalen Tages- und Wochenzeitungen [Self-coverage of the media as media journalism: self-referential topics on the media pages in national dai... 1999
Debatin, Bernhard Ethik und Internet. Zur normativen Problematik von Online-Kommunikation [Ethics and Internet: on the normative problems of online communication] 1999
Kunczik, Michael Ethics in journalism: a reader on their perception in the Third World 1999
Delporte, Christian Les journalistes en France 1880-1950. Naissance et construction d’une profession [French journalists 1880-1950: construction of a profession] 1999
Donges, Patrick/Jarren, Otfried/Schatz, Heribert (ed.) Globalisierung der Medien? Medienpolitik in der Informationsgesellschaft [Globalization of the media? Media policy in the information society] 1999
Glasser, Theodore L. (ed.) The idea of public journalism 1999
Gordon, A. David/Kittross, John Michael Controversies in media ethics (2nd edition) 1999
Hardmeier, Sibylle Political poll reporting in Swiss print media: analysis and suggestions for quality improvement 1999
Bundschuh, Anja Fernsehen und Jugendschutz in Europa. Eine Politikfeldanalyse zum Verhältnis von staatlicher Regulierung und Selbstkontrolle [Television and protection of minors in Europe: an analysis of the political field on the relationship between state regulatio... 1999
Bousquet, François L'usage des blogs par les journalistes politiques: nouvelle évolution des pratiques professionnelles? [The political journalists' uses of blogs: an evolution of professional practices?] 2...
Nordenstreng, Kaarle The structural context of media ethics: how media are regulated in democratic society 2000
Price, Monroe E./Verhulst, Stefaan G. Selbstregulierung und Verhaltenskodizes als Grundlage von Internet-Politik [Self-regulation and codes of conduct as a foundation of Internet policy] 2000
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Media ethics & accountability systems 2000
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