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Buchanan, Sara/Hammerer, Luitgard/Money-Kyrle, Oliver (ed.) Freedom and accountability: safeguarding free expression through media self-regulation 2005
Jempson, Mike Freedom and responsibility of the press 1993
Lauk, Epp Freedom for the media? Issues of journalism ethics in Estonia 2008
Media Development Center, MDC (ed.) Freedom of speech in South East Europe: media independence and self-regulation 2007
Buscombe, Peta Freedom of speech is non-negotiable 2010
Duplat, Domitille Freedom of the press: responsibility of the media. Africa on the way to self-regulation 2003
Wiedemann, Verena Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Presse. Eine länderübergreifende Untersuchung [Voluntary self-control of the press: a transnational investigation] 1992
Harro-Loit, Halliki From media policy to integrated communications policy: how to apply the paradigm shift on a European and national level 2010
Jempson, Mike From PressWise to MediaWise: promoting journalism ethics in the UK, 1993-2007 2008
Thomaß, Barbara Fünf ethische Prinzipien journalistischer Praxis [Five ethical principles of journalistic practice] 2003
Schader, Peer Fünfte Gewalt in der Krise. Ein Beitrag zur Abrüstung? [Fifth power in crisis: a contribution to disarmament?] 2004
Harinxma, Dolf van Gebrekkige verantwoordingsmechanismen pers. Lets aan doen of maar zo laten? [Insufficient accountability instruments of the press. Go in for it or leave it?] 2007
Prodhomme-Allègre, Magali Généalogie croisée: de la critique à l’éthique du journalisme [Crossed genealogy: from the critics to ethics in journalism] 2010
Schönbach, Klaus/Stürzebecher, Dieter/Schneider, Beate German journalists in the early 1990s: east and west 1998
Kaiser, Ulrike Germany: an overview 2006
Haller, Michael Germany: media journalism and message 2006
O Siochrú, Seán/Girard, Bruce/Mahan, Amy Global media governance: a beginner's guide 2002
Donges, Patrick/Jarren, Otfried/Schatz, Heribert (ed.) Globalisierung der Medien? Medienpolitik in der Informationsgesellschaft [Globalization of the media? Media policy in the information society] 1999
Wyka, Angelika W. Good and reliable watchdogs of democracy? Ethics and journalism: case studies from Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic 2005
Puppis, Manuel/Künzler, Matthias Governance als horizontale Ausweitung von Government: Selbst- und Co-Regulierung im Medienbereich [Governance as a horizontal extension of governement: self and co-regulation in the media sector] 2007
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