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Lauk, Epp How will It all unfold? Media systems and journalism cultures in post-communist countries 2008
Boukraa, Ridha Humour et idéologie dans la presse d’avant l’indépendance: essai de sociologie culturelle [Humour and idelogy in the press before independence: a cultural sociology study] 1977
Vuortama, Timo Hyvä lehtimiestapa [Good conduct for journalists] 1984
Nordenstreng, Kaarle/Lehtonen, Jaakko Hyvän ja pahan kierrätystä: Viestinnän etiikan perusteita [Recycling good and evil: the basics of communication ethics] 2002
Greis, Andreas Identität, Authentizität und Verantwortung. Die ethischen Herausforderungen der Kommuniktation im Internet [Identity, authenticity and responsibility: the ethical challenges of online communication] 2001
Sorrentino, C. Il campo giornalistico. I nuovi orizzonti dell’informazione [The journalistic field: new horizons of information] 2006
Ortoleva, P. Il declino industriale del sistema dei media italiano [The industrial crisis of the Italian media system] 2005
Papuzzi, A./Magone, A. Il giornalismo morale. Questioni di etica e deontologia nell’informazione ai giorni nostri [The moral journalism: ethical issues of our time] 2001
Kiviaho, Pasi Iltapäivälehdet mediakentän ja yhteiskunnan muutoksessa [Popular press against the changes in media sphere and society] 2008
Pritchard, David/Morgan, Madelyn Peroni Impact of ethics codes on judgements by journalists: a natural experiment 1989
Al Quds Center for Political Studies, Al Quds Center Impact of soft containment on freedom of journalism and independence of the media in Jordan 2009
Lichtenberg, Judith In defense of objectivity 2006
Wyka, Angelika W. In search of the East Central European media model - the Italianization model? A comparative perspective on the East Central European and South European media systems 2008
Damian, Béatrice (ed.) Inform@tion.local. Le paysage médiatique régional à l’ère électronique [Local.inform@tion: local media landscape and digital era] 2002
Adamczyk, W. Informacja a prawda w dziennikarstwie śledczym [Information and truth in investigative journalism] 2004
Mikułowski Pomorski, Jerzy Informacja i komunikacja. Pojęcia. Wzajemne relacje [Information and communication. Concepts. Relationship] 1998
Juozapavičius, Rytis (ed.) iniasklaidos skaidrumas [Media transparency] 2007
Pavlik, John Innovationen in der Kommunikation mit Mediennutzern: Blogs. Perspektiven der Forschung [Innovations in the communication with media users: blogs. Perspectives for research] 2009
Harcourt, Alison Institutionalizing soft governance in the information society 2008
Russell, Adrienne/Echchaibi, Nabil (ed.) International blogging: identity, politics, and networked publics 2009
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