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Hunsinger, Jeremy/Klastrup, Lisbeth/Allen, Matthew (ed.) International handbook of Internet research 2010
Ferjani, Riadh Internationalisations du champ télévisuel en Tunisie [Internationalizations of the television field in Tunisia] 2002
Lecomte, Romain Internet comme outil de reconfiguration de l’espace public tunisien: le rôle de la diaspora [Internet, diaspora and the reshaping of the Tunisian public sphere] 2009
Egli von Matt, Sylvia/Elia, Cristina/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan Introduction 2006
Puppis, Manuel Introduction 2009
Harcourt, Alison Introduction to European media governance 2008
Griffin, Douglas/Libby, Morgan Introduction to news media law and policy in Jordan n/d
Baldi, Paolo/Hasebrink, Uwe Introduction: overview of a European study 2007
Müller, Michael Investigativer Journalismus. Seine Begründung und Begrenzung aus der Sicht der christlichen Ethik [Investigative journalism: its motivation and limits from the perspective of Christian ethics] 1996
Centre for Defending the Freedom of Journalists, CDFJ (ed.) Irrefutable argument: a study of Jordanian judiciary system trends in dealing with press publications cases 2000-2006 [in Arabic] 2008
Iyengar, Shanto Is anyone responsible? How TV frames political issues 1991
Lees, Tim/Ralph, Sue/Langham Brown, Jo (ed.) Is regulation still an option in a digital universe? 1999
Klimkiewicz, Beate Is the clash of rationalities leading nowhere? Media pluralism in European regulatory policies 2009
Pöttker, Horst Ist die publizistische Selbstkontrolle anti-islamisch? Der Karikaturen-Streit aus der Sicht journalistischer Berufsethik [Is media self-control anti-Islamic? The caricature debate from the perspective of journalistic professional ethics] 2007
Mazzoleni, G./Vigevani, G. Italy 2008
Scalise, Daniele Italy: Prima Comunicazione 2006
Rutkiewicz, Ignacy Jak być przyzwoitym w mediach. Rady dla dziennikarzy telewizyjnych i nie tylko [How to be a moralist in the media: advices for TV journalists and more] 2003
Raittila, Pentti/Katja, Johansson/Juntunen, Laura/Kangasluoma, Laura et al. Jokelan koulusurmat mediassa [Jokela school shootings in the media] 2009
Limor, Yehiel/Himelboim, Itai Journalism and moonlighting: an international comparison of 242 codes of ethics 2006
Pavlik, John Journalism and new media 2001
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