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Gross, Peter Between reality and dream: Eastern European media transition, transformation, consolidation, and integration 2004
Balčytiene, Aukse/Harro-Loit, Halliki Between reality and illusion: re-examining the diversity of media and online professional journalism in the Baltic States 2009
Carton, Daniel Bien entendu, c’est off. Ce que les journalistes politiques ne racontent jamais [Of course, it’s off the record: what political journalists never tell] 2003
Balistreri, M./Pollo, S. (ed.) Bioetica e mass media. Le questioni della privacy e della buona informazione [Bioethics and mass media: issues on privacy and good information] 2004
Troll, Carina Bloggen im Auftrag der Redaktion [Blogging in the name of the newsroom] 2009
Kivikuru, Ullamaija Blogiajan muskettisoturit egotripillä [Blog musketeers on an ego trip] 2006
Darnton, Robert Bohème littéraire et révolution. Le monde des livres au XVIIIème siècle [Bohemian literature and revolution in the 18th century] 1983
Benson, Rodney/Neveu, Erik Bourdieu and the journalistic field 2005
Baldi, Paolo/Hasebrink, Uwe (ed.) Broadcasters and citizens in Europe: trends in media accountability and viewer participation 2007
Baldi, Paolo (ed.) Broadcasting and citizens: viewers' participation and media accountability in Europe 2005
Monck, A. (with Hanley, M.) Can you trust the media? 2008
Charon, Jean-Marie Carte de presse [Press card] 1993
Collins, Richard Changing conceptions in the sociology of the professions 1990
Marzolf, Marion Tuttle Civilizing voices: American press criticism 1880-1950 1991
Jempson, Mike Cleaning up our own backyard 2004
Puppis, Manuel Co-Regulierung im Rundfunk. Zusammenspiel von staatlicher Regulierung und Selbstregulierung als Erfolgsgarant? [Co-regulation in the radio: is the interaction of state regulation and self-regulation a guarantee for success?] 2002
Evers, Huub Codes of ethics 2000
Laitila, Tiina Codes of ethics in Europe 1995
Tambini, Damian/Leonardi, Danilo/Marsden, Chris Codifying cyberspace: communications self-regulation in the age of Internet convergence 2008
Bogart, Leo Commercial culture: the media system and the public interest 1995
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