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Spinner, Helmut F. Die alte Ethik der Wissenschaft und die neue Aufgabe des Journalismus. Über die missverstandene Ethik des Forschers und Wissenschaftsvermittlung des Journalisten [The old ethics of science and the new task of journalism: on the misconceived ethics of... 1987
Hizaoui, Abdelkrim Association, syndicat ou ordre des journalistes [Association, union or order of journalists] 1987
Pisarek, W. Retoryka dziennikarska [Journalism rhetoric] 1988
Hartung, Barbara/JaCoby, Alfred/Dozier, David Reader's perceptions of purpose of newspaper ombudsman program 1988
Boventer, Hermann (ed.) Medien und Moral. Ungeschriebene Regeln des Journalismus [Media and morality: unwritten rules of journalism] 1988
Erbring, Lutz/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan/Seewald, Berthold (ed.) Medien ohne Moral. Variationen über Journalismus und Ethik [Media without morality: variations on journalism and ethics] 1988
Spinner, Helmut F. Wissensorientierter Journalismus: Der Journalist als Agent der Gelegenheitsvernunft [Knowledge-oriented journalism: the journalist as an agent of occasional reason] 1988
Boddewyn, J. J. Advertising self-regulation and outside participation: a multinational comparison 1988
Merrill, John C. The dialectic in journalism: toward responsible use of press freedom 1989
Dennis, Everette E./Gillmor, Donald M./Glasser, Theodore Lewis (ed.) Media freedom and accountability 1989
Pritchard, David/Morgan, Madelyn Peroni Impact of ethics codes on judgements by journalists: a natural experiment 1989
Searle, C. Your daily dose: racism and The Sun 1989
Boventer, Hermann Pressefreiheit ist nicht grenzenlos. Einführung in die Medienethik [Press freedom is not limitless: introduction to media ethics] 1989
Cooper, Thomas W. (ed.) Communication ethics and global change 1989
Cooper, Tom Comparative international media ethics 1990
Collins, Richard Changing conceptions in the sociology of the professions 1990
Curry, Jane Leftwich Poland’s journalists: professionalism and politics 1990
Gamillscheg, Felix Der österreichische Presserat 1979-1989 [The Austrian Press Council 1979-1989] 1990
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Media accountability: the case for press councils 1990
Marzolf, Marion Tuttle Civilizing voices: American press criticism 1880-1950 1991
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