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Author Title Year
Cooper, Thomas W. (ed.) Communication ethics and global change 1989
Christians, Clifford G./Traber, Michael (ed.) Communication ethics and universal values 1997
Gibbons, Thomas Communications regulation 2008
Oernebring, Henrik Comparative European journalism: the current state of research 2009
Cooper, Tom Comparative international media ethics 1990
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Glowacki, M./Jakubowicz, K./Sükösd, M. (ed.) Comparative media systems: European and global perspectives 2010
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Glowacki, M. (ed.) Comparing media systems in Central Europe: between commercialization and politicization 2008
Hallin, Daniel C./Mancini, Paolo Comparing media systems: three models of media and politics 2004
Gibbons, Thomas Competition policy and regulatory style: issues for Ofcom 2005
Spalletta, M. Comunicare responsabilmente. Etica e deontologie dell’informazioni e della comunicazioni [Communicating responsibly: information and communication ethics] 2010
Gibbons, Thomas Concentrations of ownership and control in a converging media industry 1999
Singer, Jane B. Contested autonomy: professional and popular claims on journalistic norms 2007
Marchetti, Dominique Contribution à une sociologie des évolutions du champ journalistique [Sociology of the evolutions of the French journalistic field]. PhD thesis 1998
Gordon, A. David/Kittross, John Michael Controversies in media ethics (2nd edition) 1999
Latzer, Michael Convergence revisited: toward a modified pattern of communications governance 2009
Collins, Richard Converging Media? Converging Regulation? 1996
Pöttker, Horst/Starck, Kenneth Criss-crossing perspectives: contrasting models of press self-regulation in Germany and the United States 2003
Jalbert, Paul L. Critique and analysis in media studies: media criticism as practical action 1995
Cammaerts, Bart Critiques on the participatory potentials of web 2.0 2008
Volek, J. Czech journalists after the collapse of the old media system: looking for a new professional self-image 2010
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