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Street, John Mass media, politics and democracy 2001
Storsul, T./Syvertsen, T. The impact of convergence on European television policy 2007
Stella, R. Media ed etica. Regole e idee per le comunicazioni di massa [Media and ethics: rules and ideas for the media system] 2008
Starck, Kenneth/Eisele, Julie Newspaper ombudsmanship as viewed by ombudsmen and their editors 1999
Starck, Kenneth The news ombudsman: viable or vanishing? 2010
Stapf, Ingrid Medien-Selbstkontrolle. Ethik und Institutionalisierung [Media self-control: ethics and institutionalization] 2006
Stapf, Ingrid Medienselbstkontrolle - Eine Einführung [Media self-regulation - an introduction] 2005
Stapf, Ingrid Formen medienethischer Selbstkontrolle am Beispiel amerikanischer Modelle [Forms of media-ethical self-control: American models] 2000
Splichal, Slavko/Sparks, Colin Journalists for the twenty-first century: tendencies of professionalization among first-year students in 22 countries 1994
Spinner, Helmut F. Die alte Ethik der Wissenschaft und die neue Aufgabe des Journalismus. Über die missverstandene Ethik des Forschers und Wissenschaftsvermittlung des Journalisten [The old ethics of science and the new task of journalism: on the misconceived ethics of... 1987
Spinner, Helmut F. Wissensorientierter Journalismus: Der Journalist als Agent der Gelegenheitsvernunft [Knowledge-oriented journalism: the journalist as an agent of occasional reason] 1988
Spinhof, H./Wesselius, J. De grootste kraak in krantenland [The biggest robbery in newspaper land] 2008
Sparks, Colin/Tulloch, John (ed.) Tabloid tales: global debates over media standards 2000
Spalletta, M. Comunicare responsabilmente. Etica e deontologie dell’informazioni e della comunicazioni [Communicating responsibly: information and communication ethics] 2010
Sowa, Jan amiąc kod. Media i dziennikarstwo a neoliberalny konsensus [Breaking a code: media and journalism vs. neoliberal consensus] 2000
Sorrentino, C. Il campo giornalistico. I nuovi orizzonti dell’informazione [The journalistic field: new horizons of information] 2006
Sonninen, Päivi/Laitila, Tiina Press councils in Europe 1995
Sobczak, J. Dziennikarz - sprawozdawcza sądowy. Prawa i obowiązki [Journalist - court reporter: obligations and duties] 2000
Smit, M. (ed.) Een muur van rubber, de WOB in de journalistieke praktijk [A wall of rubber: the Freedom of Information Act in journalism practice] 2009
Skut, Aneta Medienjournalismus in Großbritannien - eine Kommunikatorbefragung [Media journalism in Great Britain - a communicator survey]. Unpublished Master thesis 2001
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