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Singer, Jane B. Norms and the network: journalistic ethics in a shared media space 2010
Singer, Jane B. The socially responsible existentialist 2006
Singer, Jane B. Contested autonomy: professional and popular claims on journalistic norms 2007
Siméant, Johanna L’élaboration des normes professionnelles: le cas d’une école de journalisme, le CFJ [The construction of professional norms: a case study of a school of journalism, the CFJ]. Diploma thesis 1991
Siméant, Johanna Déontologie et crédibilité. Le réglage des relations professionnelles au CFJ [Deontology and credibility in CFJ] 1992
Siekmeier, Friedrich 40 Jahre Deutscher Presserat. Eine kritische Bilanz. Aus dem Innenleben einer überschätzten Institution [40 years of German Press Council: a critical conclusion. From the inner life of an overrated institution] 1996
Siebert, Fredrick S./Peterson, Theodore/Schramm, Wilbur Four theories of the press: the authoritarian, libertarian, social responsibility and Soviet Communist concepts of what the press should be and do 1956
Shannon, R. A press free and responsible: self-regulation and the Press Complaints Commission 1991-2001 2001
Sgard, Jean La critique est aisée [Criticism is easy] 1994
Searle, C. Your daily dose: racism and The Sun 1989
Schweiger, Wolfgang/Beck, Klaus (ed.) Handbuch Online-Kommunikation [Handbook online communication] 2010
Schütz, Erhard Medien beobachten Medien - beobachtet in historischer Perspektive [Media observe media - observed from a historical perspective] 2000
Schulz, Wolfgang/Held, Thorsten Regulierte Selbstregulierung als Form modernen Regierens [Regulated self-regulation as a form of modern government] 2002
Schulz, Wolfgang/Held, Thorsten Regulated self-regulation as a form of modern government: an analysis of case studies from media and telecommunications law 2004
Schuijt, Gerard Vrijheid van nieuwsgaring [Freedom of news gathering] 2006
Schudson, Michael Discovering the news: a social history of American newspapers 1978
Schudson, Michael The public journalism movement and its problems 1998
Schönherr, Katja Medienwatchblogs als Form journalistischer Qualitätskontrolle [Media watchblogs as a form of journalistic quality control] 2008
Schönbach, Klaus/Wurff, Richard van der Wenselijkheid en haalbaarheid van een aparte gedragscode voor online journalistiek: resultaten van een Delphi-studie [Desirability and feasibility of a separate ethics code for online journalism: results of a Delphi study] 2010
Schönbach, Klaus/Stürzebecher, Dieter/Schneider, Beate German journalists in the early 1990s: east and west 1998
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