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Sgard, Jean La critique est aisée [Criticism is easy] 1994
Splichal, Slavko/Sparks, Colin Journalists for the twenty-first century: tendencies of professionalization among first-year students in 22 countries 1994
MacManus, John H. Market-driven journalism: let the citizen beware? 1994
Newton, Kenneth/Artingstall, Nigel Government and private censorship in nine Western democracies in the 1970s and 1980s 1994
Nordenstreng, Kaarle (ed.) Reports on media ethics in Europe 1995
Sonninen, Päivi/Laitila, Tiina Press councils in Europe 1995
Jarren, Otfried/Vowe, Gerhard Medienkritische Öffentlichkeit als rundfunkpolitischer Akteur? Analyse und Bewertung der "Weizsäcker-Kommission" [The media-critical public as an agent of broadcasting policy? Analysis and assessment of the "Weizsäcker Commission"] 1995
Laitila, Tiina Journalistic codes of ethics in Europe 1995
Płonkowski, T. Amerykańska koncepcja społecznej odpowiedzialności dziennikarzy [The American concept of journalism responsibility] 1995
Negroponte, Nicholas Being digital 1995
Accardo, Alain (ed.) Journalistes au quotidien. Outils pour une socio-analyse des pratiques journalistiques [Journalists at work: tools for a socio-analysis of the journalistic practices] 1995
Al-Nimri, Jamal Media ethics and freedom of the press 1995
Jones, Nicholas Soundbites and spin doctors: how politicians manipulate the media and vice versa 1995
Murialdi, P. La stampa italiana. Dalla Liberazione alla crisi di fine secolo [Italian print media: from the "Liberazione" to the crisis of the end of century] 1995
Darras, Eric Le pouvoir médiacratique? [Mediatic power?] 1995
Bogart, Leo Commercial culture: the media system and the public interest 1995
Grönqvist, Henrik JSN ja journalistit [Press council and journalists] 1995
Heinonen, Ari Vahtikoiran omatunto: journalismin itsesääntely ja toimittajat [Watchdog's conscience: self-regulation and journalists] 1995
Jalbert, Paul L. Critique and analysis in media studies: media criticism as practical action 1995
Laitila, Tiina Codes of ethics in Europe 1995
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