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Roß, Dieter Traditionen und Tendenzen der Medienkritik [Traditions and tendencies of media criticism] 1997
Cayrol, Roland Médias et démocratie: la dérive [Media and democracy: a wipeout] 1997
Christians, Clifford G./Traber, Michael (ed.) Communication ethics and universal values 1997
Evers, Huub Pleidooi voor transparantere journalistiek [Plea for a more transparent journalism] 1997
Schneider, Norbert Medienrat, Medientest, Selbstkontrolle. (Wie) läßt sich Medienkritik institutionalisieren? [Media council, media test, self-control: (how) can media criticism be institutionalized?] 1997
Jarren, Otfried Macht und Ohnmacht der Medienkritik oder: Können Schwache Stärke erlangen? Medienkritik und medienpolitische Kommunikation als Netzwerk [Power and impotence of media criticism or: can the weak turn strong? Media criticism and media-political communic... 1997
Dewall, Gustaf von Press ethics: regulation and editorial practice 1997
Iyengar, Shanto Do the media govern? 1997
Kononiuk, T./Michalski, B. Problemy prawne zawodu dziennikarskiego [Legal problems of the journalistic profession] 1998
Mikułowski Pomorski, Jerzy Informacja i komunikacja. Pojęcia. Wzajemne relacje [Information and communication. Concepts. Relationship] 1998
Karmasin, Matthias Medienökonomie als Theorie (massen-)medialer Kommunikation. Kommunikationsökonomie und Stakeholder Theorie [Media economics as a theory of mass-media communication: economy of communication and stakeholder theory] 1998
Marchetti, Dominique Contribution à une sociologie des évolutions du champ journalistique [Sociology of the evolutions of the French journalistic field]. PhD thesis 1998
Heikkilä, Heikki/Kunelius, Risto Access, dialogue, deliberation: experimenting with three concepts of journalism criticism 1998
Najjar, Orayb The ebb and flow of the liberalization of the Jordanian press: 1985-1997 1998
Accardo, Alain (ed.) Journalistes précaires [Precarious journalists] 1998
Gibbons, Thomas Regulating the media (2nd edition) 1998
Greenberg, S. (ed.) Mindfield: hate thy neighbour - the dividing lines of race and culture 1998
Harcourt, Alison The European Commission and regulation of the media industry 1998
Harcourt, Alison EU media concentration regulation: conflict over the definition of alternatives 1998
Suhr, Oliver Europäische Presse-Selbstkontrolle [European press self-control] 1998
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