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Krüger, Udo Michael/Müller-Sachse, Karl H. Medienjournalismus. Strukturen, Themen, Spannungsfelder [Media journalism: structures, topics, areas of conflict] 1998
Bourdieu, Pierre Sur la télévision [On television] 1998
Schönbach, Klaus/Stürzebecher, Dieter/Schneider, Beate German journalists in the early 1990s: east and west 1998
Schudson, Michael The public journalism movement and its problems 1998
Wiegerling, Klaus Medienethik [Media ethics] 1998
Thomaß, Barbara Journalistische Ethik. Ein Vergleich der Diskurse in Frankreich, Großbritannien und Deutschland [Journalistic ethics: a comparison of the discourses in France, Great Britain and Germany] 1998
Darras, Eric L’institution d’une tribune politique: genèse et usages du magazine politique de télévision [The institutionalization of a political box: genesis and uses of the political TV magazine]. PhD thesis 1998
Chalaby, Jean K. The invention of journalism 1998
McNair, Brian The sociology of journalism 1998
Weaver, David H. (ed.) The global journalist: news people around the world 1998
Wieten, Jan Reality television and social responsibility theory 1998
Goban-Klas, T. Media i komunikowanie masowe [Media and mass communication] 1999
Starck, Kenneth/Eisele, Julie Newspaper ombudsmanship as viewed by ombudsmen and their editors 1999
Lemieux, Cyril Une critique sans raison? L’approche bourdieusienne des médias et ses limites [A groundless criticism: Bourdieu’s theory on media and its limits] 1999
Ruß-Mohl, Stephan (Selbst-)Steuerung des Mediensystems durch Medienjournalismus und Medien-PR [(Self-)Governance of the media system through media journalism and media PR] 1999
Holtz, Torsten Die Selbstkontrolle der Presse in England und Deutschland [Press self-regulation in the UK and Germany]. Unpublished diploma thesis 1999
Gibbons, Thomas Concentrations of ownership and control in a converging media industry 1999
Harcourt, Alison/Radaelli, Claudio Limits to EU technocratic regulation? 1999
Funiok, Rüdiger/Schmälzle, Udo F./Werth, Christoph H. (ed.) Medienethik: Die Frage der Verantwortung [Media ethics: the question of responsibility] 1999
Nordenstreng, Kaarle European landscape of media self-regulation 1999
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