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Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa System partyjny a media w Polsce [Party system and media in Poland] 2010
Ristow, Bill Sword and shield: self-regulation and international media. A report to the Center for International Media Assistance 2009
Hitz, Martin Switzerland: and the experience of a weblogger 2006
Künzler, Matthias Switzerland 2009
Bourdieu, Pierre Sur la télévision [On television] 1998
Saloniemi, Aira/Suikkanen, Risto Suomalaisen uutismedian vuosiseuranta: Pilottitutkimus 2006 [Annual monitoring of the Finnish news media: a pilot study 2006] 2006
Suikkanen, Risto/Saloniemi, Aira/Holma, Aino Suomalaisen uutismedian vuosiseuranta 2008 [Annual monitoring of the Finnish news media 2008] 2008
Jones, Nicholas Sultans of spin: the media and the new Labour government 1999
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Majdecka, K. (ed.) Studia empiryczne nad komunikowaniem politycznym w Polsce [Empirical studies in political communication in Poland] 2010
Saxer, Ulrich Strukturelle Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von Medien- und Journalismusethik [Structural possibilites and limitations of media and journalism ethics] 1992
Doyle, G. Structure and development of media ownership in Europe 2006
Holmberg, Erik Strengthening self regulation - some notes about Swedish press ethics 1996
van der Meulen, Tony (ed.) Storm in de Media [Storm in the media] 2009
Jempson, Mike Stop the rot! 2003
Gottberg, Joachim von Stiftung Medientest. Ist Fernsehqualität meßbar? [Stiftung Medientest: is TV quality measurable?] 1996
Schatz, Heribert Stiftung Medientest. Einige Anmerkungen zu den diesbezüglichen Überlegungen von Friedrich Krotz [Stiftung Medientest: some remarks on the considerations by Friedrich Krotz] 1996
Malik, Maja Stars, Skandale, Sensationen - und immer an den Leser denken. Entscheidungskriterien und Thematisierungsstrategien des Medienjournalismus [Stars, scandals, sensations - and always keeping the reader in mind: decision criteria and topic strategies o... 2005
Trappel, Josef Squeezed and uneasy: public service media in small states - limited media governance options in Austria and Switzerland 2010
Jempson, Mike Spinners or sinners? PR, journalists and public trust 2004
Rühl, Manfred Soziale Verantwortung und persönliche Verantwortlichkeit im Journalismus [Social responsibility and individual accountability in journalism] 1996
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