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Author Title Year
Schweiger, Wolfgang/Beck, Klaus (ed.) Handbuch Online-Kommunikation [Handbook online communication] 2010
Puppis, Manuel Einführung in die Medienpolitik [Introduction to media policy] 2010
Puppis, Manuel Media governance: a new concept for the analysis of media policy and regulation 2010
Ward, Stephen J. A./Wasserman, Herman (ed.) Media ethics beyond borders: a global perspective 2010
Wasserman, Edward Threats to ethical journalism in the new media age 2010
Heinonen, Ari Old ethics in new media? 2010
Harcourt, Alison The role of the European institutions in national media regulation 2010
Singer, Jane B. Norms and the network: journalistic ethics in a shared media space 2010
Schicha, Christian/Brosda, Carsten (ed.) Handbuch Medienethik [Handbook media ethics] 2010
Saurwein, Florian/Latzer, Michael Regulatory choice in communications: the case of content-rating schemes in the audiovisual industry 2010
Scholl, Armin Systemtheorie [Systems theory] 2010
Hunsinger, Jeremy/Klastrup, Lisbeth/Allen, Matthew (ed.) International handbook of Internet research 2010
Kleiner, Marcus S. (ed.) Grundlagentexte zur sozialwissenschaftlichen Medienkritik [Basic texts on media criticism and social sciences] 2010
Sakr, Naomi News, transparency and the effectiveness of reporting from inside Arab dictatorships 2010
Abu Arqoub, Mohammad The attitudes of Jordanian journalists towards the code of ethics. Unpublished MA thesis [in Arabic] 2010
Weder, Franzisca Oesterreich [Austria] 2010
Averbeck-Lietz, Stefanie/Piskol, Gerhard Frankreich [France] 2010
Blum, Roger/Prinzing, Marlis Schweiz [Switzerland] 2010
Evers, Huub Niederlande [Netherlands] 2010
Thomaß, Barbara Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropa [Middle, East and South East Europe] 2010
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