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Wyss, Vinzenz/Kehl, Guido Media governance and media quality management: theoretical concepts and an empirical example from Switzerland 2009
Väliverronen, Esa Journalismi murroksessa [Journalism at the crossroads] 2009
Winder, Christoph Verantwortung unter Druck. Ethik und Selbstkontrolle im Journalismus [Responsibility under pressure: ethics and self-regulation in journalism] 2009
Eberwein, Tobias/Pöttker, Horst Journalistische Recherche im Social Web: Neue Potenziale, neue Probleme? [Journalistic news gathering in the social web: new potentials, new problems?] 2009
Balčytiene, Aukse/Harro-Loit, Halliki Between reality and illusion: re-examining the diversity of media and online professional journalism in the Baltic States 2009
Eberwein, Tobias Auf Themenfang im neuen Netz. Social Networks als journalistische Recherchequelle [Theme catching in the new web: social networks as a source of journalistic news gathering] 2009
Pellegrino, P. Etica & Media. Le regole dell’etica nella comunicazione [Ethics & media: the rules of communication ethics] 2009
Meier, Klaus Transparenz im Journalismus. Neue Herausforderungen im digitalen Zeitalter [Transparency in journalism: new challenges in the digital age] 2009
Theis-Berglmair, Anna Maria Nachrichtenselektion und Leserfeedback. Ein kontigenzorientierter Ansatz zur Analyse von redaktionellen Entscheidungen [News selection processes and audience feedback: a contingency approach-based analysis of editorial decisions] 2009
Hutter, Andres Watchblogs: Medienkritik 2.0? Eine inhaltsanalytische Untersuchung journalistischer Qualität in medienkritischen Weblogs [Watchblogs: media criticism 2.0? A content analysis of journalistic quality in media-critical weblogs] 2009
Russo, M./Zambardino, V. Eretici digitali. La rete è in pericolo, il giornalismo pure. Come salvarsi con un tradimento e 10 tesi [Digital heretics: the web is in danger, journalism too. How to save both with a betrayal and 10 theses] 2009
van der Meulen, Tony (ed.) Storm in de Media [Storm in the media] 2009
Lilienthal, Volker (ed.) Professionalisierung der Medienaufsicht. Neue Aufgaben für Rundfunkräte [Professionalization of media control: new tasks for broadcasting councils] 2009
Gunsteren, Herman van/Habbema, Cox Perspectief op het politiek/publicitair complex [Perspective on the politics/publicity complex] 2009
Dutton, William H. The fifth estate emerging through the network of networks 2009
Terzis, Georgios (ed.) European media governance: national and regional dimensions 2009
Smit, M. (ed.) Een muur van rubber, de WOB in de journalistieke praktijk [A wall of rubber: the Freedom of Information Act in journalism practice] 2009
Ferjani, Riadh La télévision en Tunisie: entre rationalité économique et logiques sociales [Tunisian television: from economic rationality to social logics] 2009
Lecomte, Romain Internet comme outil de reconfiguration de l’espace public tunisien: le rôle de la diaspora [Internet, diaspora and the reshaping of the Tunisian public sphere] 2009
Funiok, Rüdiger Focus on legal codes - some reflections on ethics: strengths and weaknesses of media ethics in the German-speaking world 2009
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