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Goode, L. Social news, citizen journalism and democracy 2009
Koene, Daphne Press councils in Western Europe 2009
Nieland, Jörg-Uwe Der WDR wies in seiner Antwort darauf hin .... Das öffentlich-rechtliche Beschwerdemanagement auf dem Prüfstand ["In its response, the WDR suggested ...": complaints management of public service broadcasting on trial] 2009
Ludwig, Johannes Rundfunkräte als "Medienwächter": Zwischen Engagement und Überforderung. Oder: Kontrolle ohne Kontrolleure? [Broadcasting councils as "media watchdogs": between commitment and demands. Or: control without controllers?] 2009
Bauer, Z. Dziennikarstwo wobec nowych mediów [Journalism and new media] 2009
Jouët, Jean The Internet as a new civic form: the hybridization of popular and civic web uses in France 2009
Juntunen, Laura Journalistinen etiikka kriisissä: Kiireen ja kilpailun haasteet toimittajien ammatilliselle itsekurille [Ethics of journalism in crisis: speed and competition as challenges for professional self-discipline] 2009
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa Porozumienie czy konflikt. Politycy, media i obywatele w komunikowaniu politycznycm [Agreement or conflict: politicians, media and citizens in political communication] 2009
Krogh, Torbjörn von (ed.) Media accountability today... and tomorrow: updating the concept in theory and practice 2008
Kiviaho, Pasi Iltapäivälehdet mediakentän ja yhteiskunnan muutoksessa [Popular press against the changes in media sphere and society] 2008
Fengler, Susanne Media journalism and the power of blogging citizens 2008
Fengler, Susanne/Ruß-Mohl, Stephan Journalists and the information-attention markets: towards an economic theory of journalism 2008
Kraus, Daniela Wer setzt ethische Maßstäbe für die Berichterstattung? Medienselbstregulierung in Österreich [Who sets ethical benchmarks in news coverage? Media self-regulation in Austria] 2008
Tambini, Damian/Leonardi, Danilo/Marsden, Chris Codifying cyberspace: communications self-regulation in the age of Internet convergence 2008
Lauk, Epp How will It all unfold? Media systems and journalism cultures in post-communist countries 2008
Karmasin, Matthias/Weder, Franzisca Organisationskommunikation und CSR. Neue Herausforderungen für Kommunikationsmanagement und PR [Organizational communication and CSR: new challenges for communication management and PR] 2008
Karmasin, Matthias/Litschka, Michael Wirtschaftsethik. Theorien, Strategien, Trends [Business ethics: theories, strategies, trends] 2008
Lauk, Epp Freedom for the media? Issues of journalism ethics in Estonia 2008
Lauk, Epp Mediat itse estävät journalismikritiikin nyky-Virossa [The media hinder journalism criticism in today’s Estonia] 2008
Bertrand, Claude-Jean M*A*S in the present world: an overview of Media Accountability Systems 2008
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