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Author Title Year
Petley, Julian The regulation of media content 1999
Petley, Julian A lethal cocktail 2003
Pentikäinen, Mikael Elintärkeä itsesäätely [Vital self-regulation] 2008
Pellegrino, P. Etica & Media. Le regole dell’etica nella comunicazione [Ethics & media: the rules of communication ethics] 2009
Pavlik, John Innovationen in der Kommunikation mit Mediennutzern: Blogs. Perspektiven der Forschung [Innovations in the communication with media users: blogs. Perspectives for research] 2009
Pavlik, John Ethische Anforderungen im digitalen Journalismus. Perspektiven der Forschung [Ethical demands in digital journalism: perspectives for research] 2009
Pavlik, John Journalism and new media 2001
Patterson, Philip/Wilkins, Lee Media ethics: issues, cases (6th edition) 2002
Partipilo, M. La deontologia del giornalista [Journalism ethics] 2010
Papuzzi, A./Magone, A. Il giornalismo morale. Questioni di etica e deontologia nell’informazione ai giorni nostri [The moral journalism: ethical issues of our time] 2001
Palska, Hanna Nowa inteligencja w Polsce Ludowej. Świat przedstawień i elementy rzeczywistości [The new intelligentsia in Communist Poland: the world of fiction and reality] 1994
Palmer, M. Journalists and media professionals in France 2001
Paczkowski, Andrzej Czwarta władza. Prasa dawniej i dziś [Fourth power: the press in past and present] 1973
Ortoleva, P. Il declino industriale del sistema dei media italiano [The industrial crisis of the Italian media system] 2005
Oosterbaan, Warna/Wansink, Hans De krant moet kiezen. Toekomst van de kwaliteitsjournalistiek [The paper must choose: the future of quality journalism] 2008
Olszański, L. Dziennikarstwo internetowe [Journalism online] 2006
Oernebring, Henrik Comparative European journalism: the current state of research 2009
Ociepka, B. Dla kogo telewizja? Model publiczny w postkomunistycznej Europie Środkowej [For who is TV? The public model after Communism in Central Europe] 2003
O’Malley, T. The BBC and the state 2006
O'Malley, T./Soley, C. Regulating the press 2000
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