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Kieran, M./Morrison, D. E./Svennevig, M. Privacy, the public and journalism: towards an analytic framework 2000
Boventer, Hermann Pressefreiheit ist nicht grenzenlos. Einführung in die Medienethik [Press freedom is not limitless: introduction to media ethics] 1989
Baum, Achim Pressefreiheit durch Selbstkontrolle [Press freedom through self-control] 2006
Kilani, Sa’eda Press freedoms in Jordan 2001
Czepek, Andrea/Hellwig, Melanie/Nowak, Eva (ed.) Press freedom and pluralism in Europe: concepts and conditions 2009
Dewall, Gustaf von Press ethics: regulation and editorial practice 1997
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Press councils: an evaluation 1977
Koene, Daphne Press councils in Western Europe 2009
Fidalgo, Joaquim Press councils in Portugal and France: something new on the Western front 2009
Sonninen, Päivi/Laitila, Tiina Press councils in Europe 1995
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Press councils around the world: unraveling a definitional dilemma 1978
Musialek, Horst Press Council und Deutscher Presserat. Form und Funktion der Presseselbstkontrolle in Großbritannien und der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Press Council and Deutscher Presserat: form and function of press self-regulation in Great Britain and the Federal... 1980
Gibbons, Thomas Press Complaints Commission 2008
Balčytiene, Aukse/Harro-Loit, Halliki Preserving journalism 2010
Kowalczyk, R. Prasa lokalna w systemie komunikowania społecznego [Local press in the system of social communication] 2003
Pisarek, W. Prasa - nasz chleb powszedni [Press - our common good] 1978
Curran, James/Seaton, Jean Power without responsibility: the press, broadcasting, and new media in Britain 2003
Pinto, Eveline (ed.) Pour une analyse critique des médias: le débat public en danger [For a critical analysis of media: the public debates in danger] 2007
Braun, J. Potęga czwartej władzy [Force of the fourth power] 2005
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa Porozumienie czy konflikt. Politycy, media i obywatele w komunikowaniu politycznycm [Agreement or conflict: politicians, media and citizens in political communication] 2009
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