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Mensch, Christian Media journalism in Swiss newspapers 2006
Porlezza, Colin Bashing the competition, indulging in self-adulation: three case studies on Swiss media journalism 2006
Krogh, Torbjörn von Ten steps forward - and one back: media journalism in Scandinavia 2006
Hitz, Martin Switzerland: and the experience of a weblogger 2006
Kaiser, Ulrike Germany: an overview 2006
Haller, Michael Germany: media journalism and message 2006
Hagerty, Bill Great Britain: The British Journalism Review 2006
Olszański, L. Dziennikarstwo internetowe [Journalism online] 2006
Scalise, Daniele Italy: Prima Comunicazione 2006
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Media journalism, communications research and M*A*S 2006
Bertrand, Claude-Jean Media Accountability Systems 2006
Baum, Achim Pressefreiheit durch Selbstkontrolle [Press freedom through self-control] 2006
Murphy, James B./Ward, Stephen J. A./Donovan, Aine Ethical ideals in journalism: civic uplift or telling the truth? 2006
Mäkinen, Olli Pelastaako itsesääntely internetin? [Will self-regulation save the Internet?] 2006
Armborst, Matthias Kopfjäger im Internet oder publizistische Avantgarde? Was Journalisten über Weblogs und ihre Macher wissen sollten [Headhunter online or publicistic avant-garde? What journalists need to know about weblogs and their writers] 2006
Hermes, Sandra Qualitätsmanagement in Nachrichtenredaktionen [Quality management in newsrooms] 2006
Boyfield, Keith Regulating communications: the future of UK communications and broadcasting 2006
Edwards, D./Cromwell, D. Guardians of power: the myth of the liberal media 2006
Feintuck, M./Varney, M. Media regulation, public interest and the law (2nd edition) 2006
Chupin, Ivan/Nollet, Jérémie (ed.) Journalisme et dépendances [Journalism and boundaries] 2006
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