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Bellino, F. Per un’etica della comunicazione [Communication ethics] 2010
Balčytiene, Aukse/Harro-Loit, Halliki Preserving journalism 2010
Gaggi, M./Bardazzi, M. L’ultima notizia. Dalla crisi degli imperi di carta al pardadosso dell’era di vetro [The last news: from the paper industry crisis to the paradox of the glass age] 2010
Alsius, Salvador (ed.) The ethical values of journalists: field research among media professionals in Catalonia 2010
Gardini, G./Lalli, P. Per un’etica dell’informazione e della comunicazione. Giornalismo, radiotelevisione e new media [For an ethic of communication and information: journalism, broadcasting and new media] 2010
Block, Andreas Die Steine sind kleiner geworden. Medienkritik im Fernsehen existiert fast nur noch im Gewand der Unterhaltung - früher war es anders [The stones have become smaller: media criticism on television almost always appears in the guise of entertainment... 2010
Baumgartner, Sabrina/Donges, Patrick Government communication and systems of government in the Swiss cantons 2010
Eberwein, Tobias Medienselbstkontrolle im Wandel. Brauchen wir einen Presserat für den Online-Journalismus - und wenn ja, wie viele? [Media self-control in change: do we need a press council for online journalism - and if so, how many?] 2010
Partipilo, M. La deontologia del giornalista [Journalism ethics] 2010
Polo, M. Notizie S.p.A. [News] 2010
Spalletta, M. Comunicare responsabilmente. Etica e deontologie dell’informazioni e della comunicazioni [Communicating responsibly: information and communication ethics] 2010
Bardoel, Jo Toekomst voor de Journalistiek [Future of journalism] 2010
Blokker, Jan Nederlandse Journalisten houden niet van Journalistiek [Dutch journalists don’t like journalism] 2010
Ugur, Kadri/Harro-Loit, Halliki Media literacy in the Estonian national curriculum 2010
Trappel, Josef Squeezed and uneasy: public service media in small states - limited media governance options in Austria and Switzerland 2010
Evers, Huub Der Ombudsmann im niederländischen Selbstkontrollsystem [The ombudsman in the Dutch system of self-regulation] 2010
Schönbach, Klaus/Wurff, Richard van der Wenselijkheid en haalbaarheid van een aparte gedragscode voor online journalistiek: resultaten van een Delphi-studie [Desirability and feasibility of a separate ethics code for online journalism: results of a Delphi study] 2010
Harro-Loit, Halliki From media policy to integrated communications policy: how to apply the paradigm shift on a European and national level 2010
Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa System partyjny a media w Polsce [Party system and media in Poland] 2010
Dobek-Ostrowska, B./Glowacki, M./Jakubowicz, K./Sükösd, M. (ed.) Comparative media systems: European and global perspectives 2010
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