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Alsius, Salvador (ed.) The ethical values of journalists: field research among media professionals in Catalonia 2010
Beales, Ian The editors’ codebook: the handbook to the editors’ code of practice. Revised second edition 2009
Najjar, Orayb The ebb and flow of the liberalization of the Jordanian press: 1985-1997 1998
Merrill, John C. The dialectic in journalism: toward responsible use of press freedom 1989
Morrison, David E./Svennevig, Michael The defence of public interest and the intrusion of privacy: journalists and the public 2007
Rampal, Kuldip R. The concept of the press council 1981
Plaisance, Patrick Lee The concept of media accountability reconsidered 2000
Doyle, G./Vick, D. W. The Communications Act 2003: a new regulatory framework in the UK 2005
O’Malley, T. The BBC and the state 2006
Abu Arqoub, Mohammad The attitudes of Jordanian journalists towards the code of ethics. Unpublished MA thesis [in Arabic] 2010
Coliver, Sandra The Article 19 freedom of expression handbook 1993
Ayish, Mohammad/Sadig, Haydar Badawi The Arab-Islamic heritage in communication ethics 1997
Krogh, Torbjörn von Ten steps forward - and one back: media journalism in Scandinavia 2006
Gerstlé, Jacques/Davis, Dennis K./Duhamel, Olivier Television news and the construction of political reality in France and the United States 1991
EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, EUMAP Television across Europe: regulation, policy and independence 2005
Chouikha, Larbi et al. tat de la liberté de la presse en Tunisie [Mapping press freedom in Tunisia] 1992
Gamson, Will Talking politics 1992
Sparks, Colin/Tulloch, John (ed.) Tabloid tales: global debates over media standards 2000
Dzięcielska-Machnikowska, Stefania Sytuacja społeczna dziennikarzy polskich [The social situation of Polish journalists] 1962
Scholl, Armin Systemtheorie [Systems theory] 2010
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