Social communication about journalism

"How can social communication succeed?" This was the leading question of a symposium at the Leipzig School of Media, honouring the renowned German journalism scholar Michael Haller. MediaAcT coordinator Susanne Fengler spoke about the dangers of the new Hungarian press law and the significance of an adequate debate about media accountability and transparency ??" in Europe and beyond. Furthermore, Fengler suggested a fruitful social communication about journalism to achieve successful social communication as a whole.

“I welcome the European debate, which has started by now and which is, in fact, full of subtexts – for example on the demise of quality in Hungarian journalism that has also been bemoaned by the opponents of the new law”, Susanne Fengler states in her speech. “Discussions about the necessary preconditions of succeeding social communication are far too infrequent. How nice that Europe’s politicians are suddenly supporting the ‘fourth power’. And what a pity that their motivation seems to dwindle when the media’s independence in their own country is under question.”

Read Susanne Fengler’s complete speech here! (in German)

Photo: Andreas Lamm

MediaAct News – February 02, 2011


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