Critical media bloggers discuss online accountability in Bristol

Media bloggers from Europe and the UK came together to discuss online accountability at an event in Bristol, organised by the University of the West of England for the MediaAcT Project. The workshop was designed to begin a process of building an online platform for critical media observation. Bloggers from France, Germany, Austria, Norway and Switzerland, as well as the UK, attended the weekend. They discussed online accountability techniques such as Corrigo and the UK National Union of Journalists' kitemark for blogs.

The full list of particpants:

*Steve Baxter* - blogger at New Statesman & Enemies of Reason

*Gilles Bruno*- L'Observatoire des medias

*Sean Dodson* - senior lecturer in journalism at Leeds Metropolitan University; author of 'Improving integrity online: towards a code of conduct for journalism on the internet' in The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism on Trial (2012)

*Ronnie Grob* - contributor to, blogs at

*Gary Herman* - Chair, NUJ New Media Industrial Council

*Philip Hunt* - member of the National Union of Journalists' New Media Industrial Council, blogger at

*Tim Ireland* -

*Mike Jempson*- Director, ; senior lecturer in journalism, UWE; lead researcher for UWE on

*Eleanor Lisney* - member of the National Union of Journalists' New Media Industrial Council

*Kristine Lowe* - founder of Norwegian Online News Association (NONA), blogs at

*Will Moy* -- Director,

*Tomas Rawlings* - Creative director at Auroch Digital, blogs at

*Tobias Reitz & Kersten Riechers* -

*Steve Riley* -

*Martin Robbins* - The Guardian's Lay Scientist

*Tom Schaffer* -

*Michael Thomas* -

*Judith Townend* - journalist and researcher

*Christina Zaba* - journalist

Text: Wayne Powell

MediaAct News – September 07, 2012


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