Plenary session on empirical study results presented during international conference

Four members of the MediaAcT consortium participated in the plenary session on media accountability and transparency during the international conference "Matters of Journalism: Understanding Professional Challenges and Dilemmas", organized in Gdansk (Poland) September 14-15, 2012. They presented empirical results from the comparative journalists' survey which forms the core of MediaAcT's research activities, paying special attention to the development of journalistic professionalization and media accountability.

Rapid development of new technologies has changed the nature of media accountability and further created new opportunities to hold media accountable and transparent. In addition to traditional media accountability instruments, such as codes of journalistic ethics or press councils, new mechanisms have emerged in the online space, such as as correction buttons, online ombudsman-like institutions, media blogs or comments in news reporting on errors of the newsrooms.

With a reference to MediaAcT empirical study results participants of the consortium from Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland made attempts to analyze journalistic professionalization as well as context factors responsible for media accountability development. In line with this, results from empirical study were focused on journalistic attitude towards media accountability as well as the role of new media and technologies and media self-regulation. In addition, participants of the MediaAcT session underlined various media accountability instruments and the impact of different media stakeholders. To this end, all the contributions made a long way to explaining the impact of journalism education and the role of new technologies when fostering media accountability and transparency in the online space.

Plenary session IV: "Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe (MediaAcT): Results from Empirical Study"

Chair: Michal Glowacki (University of Warsaw)

1. Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe: Introduction (Michal Glowacki, University of Warsaw)

2. The Netherlands (Harmen Groenhart, Fontys School of Journalism at Fontys University)

3. Estonia (Halliki Harro-Loit, University of Tartu)

4. Poland (Michal Kus, University of Wroclaw)

5. Italy (Sergio Splendore, University of Milan)

The conference "Matters of Journalism. Understanding Professional Challenges and Dilemmas" was organized by the Polish Communication Association and the University of Gdansk. For more information on the conference see here.

Text: Michal Glowacki; Photo: Karol Jakubcewicz

MediaAct News – September 20, 2012


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