European media policies revisited

This weekend, a project related to MediaAcT has started in Athens, Greece. The researchers of MEDIADEM will analyze media policies in 14 countries. They seek to understand the factors that influence the development of policies for independent media. MediaAcT members are part of the MEDIADEM consortium.

Like MediaAcT, "MEDIADEM" is an EU funded research project. It is co-ordinated by Evangelia Psychogiopoulou (Greece).

The main goals of this research project are:

1) To understand what constitutes ‘the media’ in today’s complex media environment, as well as the nature of media freedom and independence and its importance for democracy.

2) To explore how media policies are formulated and implemented and identify those factors that exert an influence throughout the process.

3) To identify regulatory models supportive of media freedom and independence.

4) To engage directly with the policy community and civil society in order to reflect on appropriate policy responses to the challenge of realising media freedom and independence.

In Athens, MediaAcT and MEDIADEM members talked about prospective co-operations. MediaAcT co-ordinator Susanne Fengler (Dortmund) is in MEDIADEM’s Advisory Board. The Estonian researchers of MediaAcT are members of the MEDIADEM consortium as well.

MediaAct News – June 07, 2010


About MediaAcT

MediaAcT is a comparative research project on media accountability systems in EU member states as indicators for media pluralism in Europe.


Funded by the EC

Project funded under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanties


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