Lublin hosts inspiring congress of media researchers

International media researchers gathered in the picturesque city of Lublin for the congress of the Polish Communication Association. The association's president, MediaAcT member Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska, and her team organized various interesting panels. In Lublin, findings and ideas related to the MediaAcT project were presented to the scientific community.

The Polish Communication Association (PCA) was created in 2007. It publishes the "Central European Journal of Communication". The Lublin meeting (motto: "Autonomy of Communication Science in Poland") was the second congress in the history of the PCA. It included keynote speeches from international researchers such as David Weaver and Wayne Wanta from the United States.

The MediaAcT panel in Lublin was scheduled for September 15. Andy Chanelle (UK), Tobias Eberwein (Germany), Epp Lauk (Estonia) and Pawel Urbaniak (Poland) participated in the session. Chanelle spoke about "The slow (inevitbale?) death of media regulation". Eberwein talked about media accountability as a challenge for journalism and journalism studies. Lauk and Urbaniak presented findings on media accountability research in their countries.

The scientists were impressed by Lublin as the host city of the PCA congress. With a population of 350.000 people, Lublin is the ninth-largest city of Poland. It is a candidate city for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2016.

MediaAct News – September 22, 2010


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