"What's the Blogging Story?": Lively discussion in Bristol

More than 130 media bloggers, journalists and academics came together in Bristol to discuss issues of media literacy. The panels and workshops were focussed on media accountability online. The event was organised by the Bristol Branch of the National Union of Journalists, Bristol Festival of Ideas, MediaWise and UWE, with input from MediaAcT consortium members Mike Jempson, Wayne Powell and Andy Channelle.

Who can you trust when the new media meets the old? Is blogging journalism? And who can you believe in this age of blogs, tweets and pay walls? These questions were discussed on Saturday, October 22nd, at Watershed Media Centre in Bristol. On Sunday, bloggers gathered for two other workshops, debating questions like „Can bloggers develop systems of self-regulation that could enhance journalism standards?“

Read more about the „Newsfutures“ event at Bristol:

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Twitter messages from the event

Roy Greenslade of „The Guardian“ about the panel discussion

MediaAct News – October 31, 2010


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