"Other countries, other (media) customs": Journalism conference in Bilbao

The Internet brings many new opportunities to media self-regulation, but these potentials are still used in various ways in the different cultures of journalism: This is one of the provisional results of the MediaAcT project in work package 4, which investigates the impact of online innovations on media accountability and transparency and which is still in progress. MediaAcT researcher David Domingo presented some of the preliminary findings at the national "Conference of Online Journalism and Web 2.0" in the City of Bilbao, Spain.

Domingo's presentation "Online practices in media accountability" explained the framework of MediaAcT and discussed the opportunities of the Internet for media accountability, the practices within and outside of the media organizations which the MediaAcT reseachers have identified.

And there is a lot of diversity among the MediaAcT countries:

Some countries are very active in developing online practices while others are lagging behind.

An Internet user culture of active participation seems to be a requisite to have lively media criticism by the public, but is not a sufficient factor to foster media accountability practices online.

A low legitimacy of the media seems to be an important driver of accountability initiatives outside the media, while some aspects of the professionalism of journalists (such as the principle of detachment) may prevent them from developing practices to engage with their audiences.

These are preliminary findings from an online survey of experts in 10 countries that were interviewed on the national trends of online accountability.

Photo: Josu Garro Mezo

MediaAct News – November 26, 2010


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MediaAcT is a comparative research project on media accountability systems in EU member states as indicators for media pluralism in Europe.


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